Atlantis Summons Broken

Atlantis summons is having a nervous breakdown, over the last 36 hours players have done between $400 to $700 and all of them have gotten at best one 5* hero and a handful or less of 4* heroes. I would just say it’s because it’s random, but when someone does 130 pulls for 1 5* and some have done 300 pulls trying for Inari without a single 5* and the only people getting lucky are doing single pulls.

This is much to large a number of players for it to be just the random generator, something has gone wrong for almost every single player to do 10X or 30X pulls and get one 4* and this be the experience of everyone doing multiple pulls?

I know some will say it’s random and you will have bad streaks. I have been on chat for a full day and not a single decent pull in the entire community. when multiple players are doing multiple 10X and/or 30X pulls and coming up with one 5* star in one case 2 5* after hundreds of dollars, SG has somehow broken the summons.

Head my warning and do no Atlantis summons until the next Atlantis event, ur not going to get the hero ur after anyway. In a year of playing I have never seen anything like this, it is definitely not normal summons operation. I have no idea why this is happening, but regardless it is happening.

If you do decide to do an Atlantis summons even after getting this information, then all I can say if u’ve been warned that it isn’t working properly.

Maybe I’m wrong and all we have here is massive collective bad luck and if so I apologize for the misinformation, but that is no consolation to the large if not huge masses of people who have gotten the short end of the stick.

Buyer Beware



For what it’s worth, our alliance has had profoundly good luck on this Atlantis Summons.

So I think it’s just random, as usual, with both good and bad luck abounding.

Unfortunately, even several hundred pulls is a relatively small sample size, that can easily deviate from the stated percentages.

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If you go into ANY of these portals expecting a specific hero you will be disappointed every time.

Look at the odds, if you do 100 pulls and get ANY 5* you have done well.


You have a 1% chance. In other words, in most cases, you will pull ONE 5* hero in 100 tries. Again, you have a 1% chance of pulling a 5* hero. Again…1%.


I didn’t get anything good. But someone in our alliance did get Tarlak and Zeline from 30x. Another player got 10x Tarlak and Wilbur. So I don’t think it’s broken, but yeah those odds are very low on those.

Buyer beware indeed.

Nothing is broken. If you don’t like the posted odds, don’t play the game:


I did a 10x summon and got six 4* and one 5* lol. But I’ve been quite unlucky in the past as well and complained about the odds too.

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This game is all random and luck based when it comes to summoning at the gates. This particular Atlantis summon I did 4 30x pulls and 2 10x pulls and walked away with 2 Ares, Inari, Tarlak, Obakan, Vivica and 7 Zimkitha. It all depends on luck. When you pull at the summoning gates, the only two things you control are the number of pulls and whether or not you want to cross your fingers. That’s it.


Unfortunately, I read this too late, but I agree 100%! My whole alliance have pulled crap as well. I don’t even want to mention what I spent, but it’s ridiculous. I’ve always pulled decent in Atlantis. Even before the Atlantis event, I couldn’t pull anything other than 3 stars. SMH.

You should get 3.8 5* heroes per 100 pulls on average. It’s not broken, but it’s certainly not 1%. It’s 1% for a Legendary Classic. 1.3% for a Featured S2 Legendary. 0.2% for a non-featured S2 Legendary. 1.3% for the HOTM bonus draw. Add them up.

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and yet the really bad trend continues, it’s never been this bad. Just found out someone did 130 pulls with 1 5* and and I think they said 2 4*. I lurk in chat a lot and always have the players coming on and telling us about some lucky pull and how happy they are. This time around you hardly see any such comments, in fact it’s the exact opposite.

I know the odds and yet with those same odds chat was full of those letting us know what they got, Now it’s a drought of positive pulls. I think something somehow has changed. Yes 3 days of pulls isn’t enough for a meaningful analysis, but strange that only those doing single pulls seem to be outpacing the odds.

I’m debating not doing any more pulls until this shadow that’s fallen on the community to lift. Pull is if u want to, but you will get screwed most likely. Maybe that’s the way SG wants it, everyone telling tales of woe.

I agree it is still a small sample, and you can’t know if at the same time on the other side of the world someone are pulling in that same exact moment and having amazing results.

There’s no way to know if something is broken on a random thing.
But we have official odds and no bugs comunications.

There’s no reason to me to trust that something is wrong right now with summons.
And i don’t want to think that way for now.