Atlantis Summons. Are you getting what you wanted?

I made sure I was prepared for summons when Atlantis was back in town! So there were some particulars that i was looking to get out of it (who isn’t though right!?)… I know I’ve seen summon videos on here and I’ve been doing searches over the past few days and have no idea where I saw them. I wasn’t able to post a video on here so these are external links.

The point of it is I actually had a good experience with my results and that’s something I wanted to share. The volume on the 3rd summon is out of control (if you even get to that). It’s the #2 out 3 that I wanted to share (and #1 of 3 30x leads into it).

I had been up for an extended period of time when I got to it in the early am - so yeah I’m not putting words together in my usual manor! Please excuse that.

1 of 3 (30x)

2 of 3 (10x)

3 of 3 (10x)


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8 pulls - 1 Green Robot, 2 Agwe
Disgusting would be the right word. :joy:

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@Mananabas - Not what you wanted eh? No, I know it wasn’t. I’m not sure what I will be doing with Agwe myself… probably feeding him to someone (I’ve 2 too). The Bot - He seems ok - kind of an EPIC version of the LEGENDARY ARES. I’m not trying to lessen your disgust… 3 of 8 Special Event EPIC heroes was not bad. It would have been nice if you got Wilbur and Proteus instead!!!


The Robot may get shields some day. A day far in the future.

The devs gives us heroes that have very little use and some like Wilbur and Proteus that can contend with 5* in usefulness. Plus they don’t let us train them in TC20. I paid money for Agwe? It’s ridiculous when RNG gives you crap.

Congrats on the Alby pull!

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Well, considering I did my most pulls ever (which is 12 single ones), and got only Mok-Arr to show for it… instead of Tarlak, Alby or Ares. Oh and Agwe, thanks a bunch, RNGesus. I was luckier during the first event. Got Misandra, Wilbur, Gobbler then.

Have yet to get anything decent. Been playing a while and have several 4* and one 5*. Thats it. Atlantis summons has only given me 3* so far.

Are you honestly complaining about getting a 5* and a 4* from just 12 pulls?

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Well, I’m C2P, so that many pulls for me is actually a lot. It’s just that I was really hoping for one of the three other 5*, especially because I really need a green other than Kadilen, and I have everything to ascend a second red. But, of course, any 5* is better than no 5*. Levelling the shark now. Agwe is seriously shitty 4* though.

I’ve done 12 pulls in total and gotten 2x Triton, 1x Gobbler and finally my first 5 Star: Alberich

So yeah i’m fine with this Atlantis Summon

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C2P here. Been playing long enough to see two rounds of Atlantis summons.

From 4 Atlantis summons I got:
Gill Ra
Gill Ra and

I’m happy with Willbur as he is my third 4* Hero and he will help me advance in the higher Provinces of Season 1.


Honestly I get lucky…11 pulls tarlak khiona and mok-arr * . *


Dude, wow. Congrats!


120 pulls here, now I have all Atlantis 4*, but no old hotm and no Atlantis 5*.

I know nothing is guaranteed, but that’s more than disappointing :frowning:


That’s a lot of money… down the drain

Hello, 7 draws and I got a spawn, alberlich, 2x ameonna, danzaburo and garbage. In total, now I do not know who to improve the spawn or albie :slight_smile:


1 pull I got Tyrum :rofl:


1 30x I got Ares, Alberich and khiona. My best pull ever so as you can tell I’m very happy with my results.


@Katja66 I feel you. I’m in the exact same situation. Did 3x30 pulls, 3x10 pulls and got nothing. I had been luckier before in my pulls, this is the first time I get jack sh!t like that. And my month’s beer budget is gone :wink:

I am C2P, so every time I think - do I really need it… :laughing:

First day I did 2 single pulls from atlantis tokens and of course received 2x season 1 3*
I had enough gems, so yesterday decided to go for 10 pull, and got very lucky… Ares, Proteus, Tiburtus (didn’t have it) and Hu-Tao (dupe)… rest 3* season 2

So, at the end I’m fine with this 12 summons

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4 pulls,
-1 danzaburo + khiona
-2 3* s2 heroes
And the best of all
-1 ares

2 first ever 5*, im very satisfied, totally deserve these.
My Luckiest pull ever
I can build a better team with theses 3


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