Atlantis summons 30x and chests result [August 2018]

Waited for along time for these summons but highly disappointed with the results, finally I m done spending on this game.

Here is a you tube link for the summons


And your problem is ?

You got 3 nonfarmable AM 1 of them 4*.

You got 1 5* hero which should be the odds for 30 pulls. Unfortunately not an atlantis hero.

You got lots of atlantis heroes. Unfortunaetely many of them 3* and many repeats.

So yes it could have been better but what do you expect when you go into the casino.

Jackpot the first time you play ?


Already got 3 marjana, and which 4* unfarmable AM, all i got was farmable 4* ascension items.

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Yeah you are right casino thing, but i was expecting more from bonus chest, but anyways its time for me to stop spending thats all, still love this game though.

LMAO 28 3 stars, small giant really have outdone themselves


Wow ascension item chest and you get dragon bones, that’s a cruel joke from SG.


Yep the hero summons was unlucky but you knew that i n the chests there was 1 guaranteed unfarmable 1 AM.
Are there more unfarmables possible ?

I thought there was 1 guranteed 4* unfarmable AM, personally i will forget about bad pulls in like couple of hrs but chest items i cannot forget i guess its my mistake i was expecting more from SG.

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I did 7 regular pulls and got three Atlantis 3* and four season one 3*…just to see if I was gonna luck up. Saved those gems just for Atlantis and I gotta be honest…its a money trap and they’re not getting me on this one. Its red flags all over this lol. 8400 gems for 30 pulls???..naaaah…I’m good. If I’ve learned nothing from season one…I’ved learned that you have to be extremely lucky to pull 5 stars and willing to spend big bucks to get the heroes you really want…and even then…its no guarantee. GOOD LUCK WITH THE SPENDING…lol

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my result: 5 summons - all 3* heroes. welcome to atlantis, mates!

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Bad luck indeed. 1x 5* is OK, 1x 4* is little, and 28x 3* is too many. 3x unfarmable 3* AM is the minimum.

I fared better:

  • 1x 5*: Elena
  • 8x 4*: Agwe, Proteus, Wilbur, Ameonna, Scarlett, Kelile, Cyprian, Boril (last 3 are dupes)
  • 21x 3*, including 2x Gato, 2x Chochin, 4x Mnesseus
  • 2x 4* unfarmable AM: mystic rings and Farsight telescope
  • 1x 3* unfarmable AM: compass

So a total of 7 heroes from season 2. No HOTM (past or present). I cannot say I am excited to get Elena, but I cannot really complain either given the random nature of the whole process.

I had to stop the video because I couldn’t take seeing this happen to you over and over and over…

It stings…and it wasnt even my summons


So sorry about the crappy luck! I was cringing every time you got another Gill-Ra. Those chests weren’t great either.

I don’t like that they have all of the season one heroes in there too. At least take the old threee stars out.


Hahaha thanks for expressing your feelings.

Was so disappointed with all of it, and bcoz of it forgot to drink a glass of juice before going to office.

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In our alliance 8 people made in total ~170 summons for now and no one have 5* atlantis heroes and even only few 4* … That’s lol. seems odds for S2 5* hero is - (minus) 0,1% and for 4* like 1,5%. Muahahahahahaahahahaahahahaahahaahahahaa SGG. BTW seems hero of the month (Drake) gone somewhere. And also why only 3 days 11 hours left for atlantis summon when they told a month in patch notes?


What is this chest you are talking about?
Probably missed something but I have not found any ‘atlantis chest’ so fat in game…

A guy got a bonus draw of two drake fongs from a 30x pull as a bonus draw, here’s the link:


Did 30 atlantis pulls

first 10:
ALL 3* mix of new and old heroes (super disappointing)
no bonus draw

second 10:
1x 4* danzaburo
2x 4* ameonna
7x 3*
bonus draw: 2x drake + 1x lixiu (not sure how this got in there)

third 10:
1x 5* lianna (finally got it)
9x 3* new and old
no bonus draw

wanted Hel or the other 2 new ones (oh well maybe try again tomorrow)

P.S. unfarmable AM: all 3 gave me compasses

When you do 10 atlantis pulls you get 1 chest that you need to open, if you check the video its at the very last, i opened 3 chests and got crap, now i have 21 compass.

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