Atlantis Summon?

Does anyone know when the next Atlantis Summon is?

This Thursday

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Look at the Season 2 map…Province 10, underneath the story continues… there is a countdown…:slightly_smiling_face:


Anyone know who the returning heroes will be?

@Witch Oh! I thought this countdown was just for the next Season 2 province opening.

Does the Atlantis Summon always coincide with new Season 2 levels?

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yes, it does. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t know the new heros but keep that in mind:

(Version 17 Release Notes):


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Does this mean that the pool consists of the new and all previous atlantis legendaries plus the 2 rotating hotms?

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As far as I understand, yes.

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This could seriously dillute the possibility of winning the specific hero you’d want if they keep the averages the same… 1.5% 5* hero chance split 10 ways. :sadpandaface:


Sorry, newbie here… do I have to be at level 10 in season 2 to use the Atlantis summon?

I would imagine that the old atlantis heroes are in the pool with normal 5*, not in the featured pool.

No, you don’t. The Summons portal is open to everyone, regardless of levels completed.


Thank you! I can’t see a timer, so I thought maybe I wasn’t far enough yet.

you do have to have reached Province 15 of S1 before you will have access to the story map though.

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Thanks, I’m at stage 9 in season 2, so I should be able to take part in the summon this time! I’m a bit excited :smiley:

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My understanding (which is not based on anything other than what we’ve all read) is as follows:

  • the Atlantis summons has an overall chance of 2.5% Legendary summons, plus 1.2% chance for the current HotM.
  • 1.5 percentage points of that 2.5% are from the “non-featured” Legendary heroes which include Tarlak, Misandra and Mok-Arr, as well as all Classic Legendaries (e.g. Sartana and Thorne)
  • 1.0 percentage points of that 2.5% are for the four featured Legendaries: two re-released HotM and two of the new S2 heroes (two of Inari, Mitsuko, and Kageburado)

In the “non-featured” pool, there are the twenty Classics plus the three Lagoon family S2, so the probability of getting a particular hero in this pool (e.g. Tarlak) is 1.5%/23=0.0652%.

The probability of pulling a particular hero from the “featured” pool are 1%/4=0.25%, as it has been since Atlantis started,


and whats is the heros? someone know?

Someone, yes, but staff at SGG. We players do not know.

If I had to guess, it would be Inari (Holy) and Mitsuko (Red). We have not had S2 heroes in these elements yet, so it would make sense to put them before Kageburado (purple), who matches to most recently added S2 5*, Mok-Arr.

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i think mitsuko is purple saw the picture somewhere earlier

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