Atlantis summon regular heroes


Atlantis summon giving regular heroes after hard work getting atlantis coins


II agree on this one too - after ekeing along geting atlantis coins to pull a 2 star blue regular is beyond regustipating and a pain in the butt too.


Yeah this is NOT ok. Fix this ASAP please.


How did you pull a 2star? Pretty the minimum I saw from the portal was 3 star.


The minimum is 3 star and it clearly says that you can get season 1 heros. They even change it to get less season 1 heroes


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If I knew how I got any star at all I would tell yhou. As it is I have been on a patch of 5 months now only getting 3 stars from my tc20 this is a new low. I have 3 tc 20s cooking – at any one time- maybe that’s the problem. They see I have so much and like robin hoods of the gaming world they decide to pass out the goodies somewhre else.



I dont think is fair that you have to gather 100 coins from atlantis challenge. Have to wait like 5 days for atlantis only summons and get a hero that usually you get with free summons


This event is once a month and it is what most players look forward to with anticipation , I may be lucky to have gotten a couple of star 4 pulls even if one is a duplicate of what I had .
But I will agree that it is discouraging having to recieve some of the regular heroes you can recieve from daily summons .
To make this event match its prestige , I think Season 1 star 3 heroes should be totally excluded , the %probability of pulling season 1 star 4 and 5 heroes is already low, adding S1 star 3 to it , takes the flavour out of the event .
I hope as usual the developer would listen, most mid level players toiled for hours towards this event therefore it will be reasonably fair if they have fairly good chance towards being fairly rewarded .