Atlantis summon monthy?

So, is that correct? We get atlantis gate open each month like the old events with current hotm available too? And atlantis heroes do not change, only the old hotms in the rotation?

@Rook @Petri please guys, you have done a poor job explaining this so pretty please clear it up for all to know.


I have to agree with you that there is missing ‘some’ essential information about S2. How, what, when and so on…
Would be nice if somebody could clear this from SG side.

Yes it is open every month for a limited time. Each summon (excluding Daily Summons) has a chance for the current Hero of the Month, including Atlantis Summon. The available Season 2 Legendary Heroes as well as the available Heroes of The Month change each month. :slight_smile:

You can read more details here:


So why 3 days 10 hours left of atlantis summon?

So are you saying that the most important hero after Wu global game-wise is locked for just these 3 days?

And each month we now essentially have 5 unique hotms?

This can’t be right…


Sorry, I clarified my message. It is open every month, for a limited time (like Event Summons).

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So a hero like say Tarlak or Triton will be available 3 days each month?


A question from me. As I a have budget for the game and I have spend it already on 40 pulls and i did not get Tarlak will he be in the pull for the next month and if not what rota will be there? I mean how many month until Tarlak show up again?

How many provinces are currently unlocked? 2? 3?

Thatˋs the strategy forever here and you still are wondering about it? Make people spend as much as possible in a short timeframe. They will forget about huge money spent and do it again next month. They will not get what they want but because time runs out spend more and more.

The issue is, the atlantis coins seemed to be given out at radom in season 1 in the lead up to season 2 being released, but now we are in season 2 we can see that there are only x number of coins available per level.

So does that mean that once we have all the coins for that particular level in season 2 will we no longer get any more from going back to tthat level? If so, then the number of atlantis coins is finite and after a while the atlantis summon will be pointless as we’ll never get enough coins to be able to use it.

Unless you buy them. P2W showing up again…


You are right, only first time you play a level (easy or hard) you can earn the coins.
On the other hand, with gems you can still do summons for new hero’s. (Atlanis is costing more than regular summon)…

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You get them in chests and on titans ocassionally and once through the map. I think 80 coins per province is really a lot and it shouldn‘t be complained about it. I just don‘t like the drop frequence of it. I maybe got 1 coin out of all my monster chests and 0 out of raidchest and 5 out of elemental chest. Thats pretty low…


@Petri please confirm:

*Tarlak is available only now(!)
*Nothing is added to TC20 and lower
*Titans/chests give coins not comparable to Epic summon tokes (you need far more times to be lucky to get even a single atlatis summon)
*No tower production bonus increase for S2 stage completions
*Event summons along with Atlantis events each month - two times to pay now
*All S1 buildings and efforts obsolete given the S2 heroes advantages which are paywalled or extemely hard to get
*5 HOTMs each month
*Families are S2 only to further obsolete S1 content
*SG is happy


Atlantis heroes will not be the same every month, what i really wanted them to clarify is if they will rotate back like the event heroes, or if they will be gone for a long time like the past HoTM

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If you really wanted an answer on your serious questions you should only ask serious questions.


In all fairness no one in their right mind would answer those questions. And I don’t expect @Petri to answer them. It’s written all over.
I just wanted to put them out for the History.

Great game - too much greed, unfortunately.


Do points towards the “bonus ascention item” chest roll over to the next one each month?
Or do they expire when the 3 day event is over?

They roll over. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Very good questions! Why nothing was said about such things? SGG are you nuts? Or customers should learn that all on practice for half a year?

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