Atlantis summon issue – I got 3 of Margaret in 11 Summons

Did 1 Atlantis summon with coins and 10x with gems and pulled three Margrets on 5/23. Are the Atlantis summoning working correctly? While this is possible it is so improbable thought there must be an issue.

It’s not unheard of. I did an event summons when Zeline first came out and got six of her in a single 10x. Extremely unlikely but not unheard of

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Thank you for the Zephyr, and thank you for the reply Leonidas. I know crazy things like this are going to happen, been playing for the better part of a year. Just so unlikely wanted to check if others are reporting this. Maybe whomever is in charge of this would want to look at the summon break down make sure the numbers are in line to where they should be. I’m not bothered unless I was supposed to get the special summon and that was not working or something. If everything is coded correctly than just an oddity.

What??? That’s incredible

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While rare, there are people who have gotten 2 HOTM on a single pull, since the HOTM pull itself generates a 1.3% chance of getting another HOTM.

Three HOTM in 11 pulls is a .032% occurrence, or roughly one in 3,000. So: not common, but also not a statistical impossibility.


Example of SG garbage RNG engine. Too many people get multiple 5* in just a few pulls. The rest of us waste our money. Aggregate odds. Either that or an algorithm which manipulates when 5* cards are available based on a running count of pulls vs 5* awards etc all controlled by the published drop %.

Either way it sucks for the vast majority.

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