Atlantis Summon Gate

Hi, I have a problem with the way the ratios are distributed in the entire Atlantis stage and the currencies gained from them. I completed and I do not get five stars from Atlantis withdrawals for heroes How does the ratio and accumulations work for five-star champions Do you calculate

Google translation and they problems , sorry

The Atlantis summon is just like any other summons gate. The chances of getting a 5* hero is very very small. Microscopic, even

The assumption is equal to the accumulation of ratios because they are limited stages

Google translation and they problems , sorry

Accumulation of Atlantis Coins from season 2 stages?

Atlantis Coins are accumulated only Two times per Season 2 / Atlantis stage. Once you have earned the Atlantis Coins once in Normal difficulty and once in Hard difficulty, that’s it. No more Atlantis coins.

(Also - During Atlantis Rises event, you can earn some Atlantis Coins from defeating those gold seahorse creatures. But that is a small amount and from any stage.)

If you are speaking about the Atlantis Summon Portal - then yes the odds are poor. Roughly 2% to get a 5 star hero.


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