Atlantis summon and Hotm

Hello, I wanted to ask you opinion about the odds at summons. Do you believe it is better to do a 10x summon or one summon at a time? Do you think the odds change or stay the same?

Also if you want to win the Hotm, is it better to do one summon at a time?

Go to the summon gate, select the summon you are interested in and then press the little i in the top left corner. This will tell you the odds for each try, no matter how many tries you do.

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There’s a trade off. Each summons has the same chance of getting the HotM as the next one.

On the “one at a time” side, if you get the the HotM on the first (second, third, …) summons, then you’ve done nine (eight, seven, …) more summons than you needed to. OTOH, the cost-per-summons is lower on the 10x (and lower yet on the 30x in Atlantis).

FWIW I always do the 30x in Atlantis or the 10x on other summons.

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Ok got it. Thank you very much

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