Atlantis Summon: $300, 90 pulls, zero 5* heroes

Is it though :)? I got two Fridas from a 30+ this Atlantis and one each from two 10+ last Atlantis. So four in total, will take me years to raise them if I ever get around to it… wish I could gift them to someone who didn’t get one.

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Little from column A, little (a lot) from column B. :smiley:

I really, really wanted Hel. Giving up ever getting her though.

Non featured: 0.3% + Featured: 1.3% + Classic: 0.9% = 2.5% per draw.

(1-0.025)^90 = 0.1024

Approximately 10.24% chance of doing 90 pulls and getting nothing.

That’s before counting in the HOTM:

(1-0.013)^90 = 0.30799

So a separate 30.8% chance to do 90 pulls and not get HOTM

A total of 3.15% chance of both of those happening, if my math is correct.

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They really need to come up with a better system of getting characters.

Maybe increase chance with every 10X summons where the % continues to go up until you get a 5*.

Maybe make it were you can create your own 5*. Put them in rotation where we use resources that we collect to create them like they do on the game Gems of War. There’s enough 5*s where you may have to wait a year for them to come around.

Too many people are feeling cheated while others are getting in abundance of characters they don’t need.

I mean who means 5 HOTM let alone trying to level them. What’s the return on xp for feeding them away. No where near what people are paying to get them.

IMO the game is a great way to enjoy/pass time. IMO I think giving players another way to get 5*s (meaning the ones that are not coming from TC20) other then money would be great for the game.

Just suggestions/ideas I have from the many different complaints i read on the forum

Why? They are wildly successful and growing.

The why was in my statement and I did say IMO.

The game is wildly successful; Ok if you say so. I don’t work for SG so IMO your ideal of success may not be theirs. Who knows I guess time will tell. We still need to see where the game goes since they were bought recently.

My attitude shifted away from focusing on 5* heroes. There’s plenty of really cool 3* and 4* heroes. Plus, with raid tournaments and events, there’s enough to do with them. Whatever 5* heroes come way way moving forward, I’ll level them if I have no 3* or 4* to work on.

I think that will keep me happy and my money in my wallet. I’m all for supporting the game and I have. But, now i’ll just sit back, play, enjoy, and save my money.


I guess it’s I prefer being lucky then good


Stop paying. I took my credit cards off the app store and I’m never going back.

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You have to see this as a entertainment…

Don’t spend money that you could spend in some things that you miss!!!

I know that it sucks when we spend some money and only receive 3* heroes…

If you like the game, please reconsider…


Totally feel this!! So frustrating and yet every month I do it again and say thats it. Last draw yesterday10x Atantis 10x rare. I’m 50 and it ruined my day just think how kid must feel. I think its a disgrace. Been playing a year and still no 5*red. Got another account no money spent and just got alberich, domitia gaderous, agwe, lancelot in last week!!! Shame its on a crappy ipad 2 that freezes Im actually tempted to buy new ipad lol, adding to expenditure again but its real! Dont spend! I’m done with it now completely. Lvling up up up lvl19 training :slight_smile:

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Keep pulling.

Keep spending and pulling.

The math wizards here will tell you that your probability that you’ll get what you seek gets better and better with every next pull you make.

While some of us know that in truth, odds never change. Each pull has the odds it has, and that’s the end of the story.

But keep pulling…

You’re so wrong it hurts to read. But, some people aren’t good at math.


Yes, the odds for each individual draw are the same, but the more you do, the more likely you are to have gotten what you wanted.

That’s the facts and the nice thing about facts is they don’t care about your opinion.

What are the odds you get a 5 star on your first draw and the odds you get a 5 star on your hundredth draw are the same. The odds you got a 5 star in 100 total draws is completely different odds.


It baffles me how some people are too dense to get that.


You’re actually wrong in your logic. The odds do get better.

Say for example, you have a penny and you flip the coin once. You have a 50% chance of getting heads. And each time you flip the coin you have the same 50% chance. But if you flip the coin enough times, statistically you will gets heads.

It’s the same concept in Las Vegas. If you play enough, eventually you’re going to lose. You may get a small run of luck, but over the long run, you will lose. If that wasn’t true, Vegas wouldn’t exist.


Nope. Still just 50% with each flip…

There’s a reason why people go to Vegas to lose money, rather than to get rich.

Yes, each flip is 50%, but the odds of getting heads at least once in 10 flips is not 50%


The odds don’t change with each individual trial, but with a set of trials, the odds of seeing the outcome you want do statistically increase. If someone doesn’t understand that, they shouldn’t be talking about odds to other people.


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