Atlantis Summon: $300, 90 pulls, zero 5* heroes

Was really hoping to finally get Alberich, Hel, or Kageburado… Well, as the title says. :cry: :cry: :cry:

On a positive note. I got enough ascension items to ascend two more 5* heroes. :smile:

Moral of the story: Don’t expect to get those legendary heroes. Statistically, I should have seen at least one. That said, I won’t be giving SG another penny. I’m not bitter, but am finally realizing I’m just wasting money.

My plan moving forward will be to accumulate EHT and then spend them when the HOTM is really good and I have at least 100 EHTs to use.

It’s FTP from here on out.



Thank you for the reminder. I got where you are now about 8 months ago. Today i was contemplating a ten pull on atlantis. Glad i saw your post to remind me of the misery. They try and get you every time with new “shiny objects”.

I will save my $30 ad buy something in the real world where i will actually get a return on my investment. I miss the old days when the game was new. I would get several 5 stars in almost every 10 pull i did. That changed about a year in though unfortunately…


Ouch :disappointed:

That is a definitely a mountain of gems

Hope your FTP career brings you many great things…!


How on Earth did you acquire 100 EHT’s? I haven’t spent any in the last 3 months, and have acquired 4.

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I don’t have 100 yet, only at 15. But I get them much faster than you do. Between chests, titans, wars, etc., they come in at a pretty steady pace. Are you doing all those things?

The only reason I’m at 15 is because I used to use them as they came in for feeding other heroes. I stopped doing that though.

Yes, I do all the things, except the random ham/iron quests. EHT’s have always been sparse for me though. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say I’ve received maybe 20 over however long I’ve been playing the same. However, I’d venture to say I’ve acquired 15-20 ETT’s in the past 3 months, which has been nice (Minus only 1 4* appearing!).

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I’m same as you although I only did 44 Atlantis pulls. I feel your pain.

I may spend a tiny amount on Guardians to try and get Jackal/Falcon since you can actually count on 4*s. But yeah other than that I think I’m done spending. The game just hasn’t rewarded me the same way it has others. I wish I had kept track of all of my pulls (or maybe its better I hadn’t) but I suspect I’m around 200 pulls and 2 legendaries lifetime.

Bleh. Feelsbadman. I got unlucky. You got CRAZY unlucky.

I think the game will feel a lot better psychologically if you are F2P. You won’t ever feel ripped off again.


Not really, you had a 1.3% chance per pull.


1% chance of a classic legendary
1.3% chance of a featured Atlantis Legendary
0.2% chance of a non-featured Atlantis Legendary
1.3% chance of the HotM

That’s a total of 3.8% per pull.

A chance of 96.2% chance to not get a legendary. 0.962^90 = 0.031
So he/she had a 97% chance to get a legendary after 90 pulls if my math doesn’t fail me. Please correct me if it has, thank you.


Your math is spot on. How many of my Atomoses would you like as a reward/consolation prize? :grin:


Yeah, I was thinking featured legendary.

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If i have to suggest something on people planning to do a huge investment on gems (but that is not a whale), i would suggest to wait and see how the new buildings works.

They said they suppose to have some use for duples heroes, and on this kind of bad luck you may have some comfort from that.

I do had a similar experience sometime ago and switched to F2P right after like you, and i’m still here.

You can definetely enjoy the game, just know that you going to miss many heroes, and you must do the best with what you have.


Hope they do something soon, I have Atomos’ building up.


Mabey we can get a pen for them to roam around in or something? At 1/1, they’re not safe to let out on their own.


Unleveled Atomos death matches!


I’m in!

I think that instead of giving you a bargain on the gems spent for a ×30 pull that they should charge the normal amount and give you an increase on the odds of pulling the bling

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I’m not complaining by any means. I just did a ×50 pull and didnt get any of the featured 5* heroes. But…I did get Wilbur…Proteus…Triton… Danz…Tibs…Marjana…cant complain. It is what it is.


I feel for you man. I spent way too much on this Atlantis portal, chasing Hel. I did get lucky and come up with Poesidon and Albrecht and count them, 5 Fridas (it was really way too much spend), but I’m done spending except for a 10x pull on Teloc (the only challenge event I haven’t done yet) and occasional raid energy refills or similar.


5 Frida’s damnnnnn. You either got super lucky or did alooooot of summons.

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