Atlantis summoc

does the price trigger 1O x atlantis summon?

I’m not sure ai understand your question. 10x summons on Atlantis are cheaper than single summons, and they fully fill the special chest that goes with Atlantis summons. The 30x summon is the most cost-effective deal. Does that help?

I wonder if it’s worth to spin 1O … or wait for 3O

That’s a question only you can answer. It’s a 6.67% cost savings to do a 30 pull vs. a 10 pull. So at a penny a gem, you’re saving $6.00.

If you want a chance at the heroes on offer in this month’s Atlantis, you’ll have to do a draw with however many gems you have this month. If you’re not excited by this month’s heroes, you can wait and potentially save a little money.

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