Atlantis single pull BLISS

Started the Atlantis summon with 37 coins so I worked to get to 100 and did a single pull. I know it’s not graded the best but I really wanted this hero. What are the odds :grinning: Fortune favors the foolish.


Yeah nice

Did a few Atlantis pulls with coins and gems just to fill the chest, and I was one short. Grabbed some gems just to get the chest and bam, same guy pops out! Fast mana and group hitting with a minion? What’s not to love?


No same hero but just 100 coins. January is my month. I got Natalia one year ago. Two Hotm in 20 months on first shot. I also got Evelyn during December events. But that’s another story and the cost was just insane (I try for second time to get Guinevere)


January is your month, and also mana delaying girls seems to like you.

Congrats to the OP.
Always a good feeling having one shot one kill.

I mean… i guess it is nice. Duh.

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Congrats! I got him too on my first coin pull this time. I really needed a dark hero upgrade and still ecstatic. Good going!

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A teammate did one last-minute single pull with the coins and got Kage! Glad to see some good luck reports! Congrats to you…hope is alive!

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I am so sad…
Did 60 pulls and got nothing…


He was my first 5* and HOTM that I got way back when he was HOTM!

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Whenever I have faced him he strikes fear into me LOL glad to have them on my side now going to take a while to ascend Him but no complaints at all I am thrilled.

Has he always been available in the Atlantis summon. I didn’t think so but I could be wrong

Sorry for that, hopefully you’ll go on a hot streak :+1:t3:

Sorry Missy I didn’t get your whole in.

No apologies needed! I’m glad to hear you’re excited about Thoth :smile:

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