Atlantis + season 2 advanced

With normal difficulty, the cost per battle is 3 and plays as such.
With hard, the cost shows as 5 (8-3) in the screen where you select easy or hard, but when selecting hard and progressing, the fight cost is 8.

What you see in the first screenshot is not the energy it costs, but the amount of Atlantis coins you get for completing the level for the first time.


That is the correct WE for Hard for this stage.

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Yep … later in the day I realized I had a brain fart. I forgot hard is so expensive ordinarily, so 8 was right. D’oh me.

If you don’t mind, could you mark @Starlynk’s answer as the solution to your problem? It will help anyone else that comes by with a similar “brain fart.” Believe me, you’re not alone!

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I marked that post as the Solution, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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