Atlantis Seadragon Appeared but not dropping coins in Loot

I just played a level in Atlantis and there were two seahorses, but no coins when I finished the level. I’ve been getting coins periodically up until now. I’ve been using loot tickets mostly, but I zoned out and pushed the fight button…


Just noticed the same issue myself.

Just after posting this, I used a loot ticket on that same level and got two coins…

I’ve seen dragons drop 2, 3, 5, and 10 coins so far; I don’t know if it’s at an average rate or not (I don’t track it, but @yelnats_24 does).

But if there’s a case where a dragon is spawning and not dropping coins that would definitely reduce the overall number.

I can’t say I’ve seen this yet, but I also don’t watch it auto play most of the time. I’m 11 flasks + 1 level up in at 50 WE per. Mostly auto play. Earned just over 50 coins so far.

I’ve noticed this long before. What I can’t determine is how the amount is dropped. Is it based on RNG, too? The appearance of orichalcum seadragons by itself during Atlantis Rising is already RNG based. An RNG within an RNG? Crazy…

Ok. Here is my latest example. This is the same level that I’ve been farming for coins, etc. all day (2-27-9) I used a loot ticket on it in hard mode and got 2 coins, then I changed to easy mode put it on autopilot and wave 1 had 3 sea dragons, wave 2 had 3 sea dragons and wave three had 2 sea dragons; none of them dropped any coins at all! I have screen shots, but I am unable to upload them to this forum chat.

Why can’t you upload just tap the picture icon and upload them.

This sounds unlikely… I think you didn’t encounter Orichalcum Seadragons, but regular seadragons, that appear in this stage as monsters.


This is the correct answer i guess… there are seadragons in some lvls, but thoose aren’t ORICHALCUM Seadragons…

can you say what lvl was it?

2-27-9 has Holy Seahorse … thats a mob not a special enemy…
Only Orichalcum ones drop Atlantis coins…

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He wrote 27-9, I checked a few videos on Youtube and there are golden seadragons.


Monster seadragon

Atlantis seadragon


Thanks for pointing that out! Boy I feel stupid!

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