Atlantis SAKURA family bug? [SOLVED: Family bonuses require unique heroes]

Hi there. I want to report a game bug. I have formed a team of 5 Sakura family heroes, but in a battle when you hold on a heroe, it shows only 3 family members and +4% mana generation instead of 5 family members and +12% mana generation.

the have to be unique to get the boost

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The bonus considers only unique heroes of the family in a team. You have two Nama and two Chochins. They don’t stack.

To my knowledge, it was not confirmed to be bug or intended, but I would definitely see why it could be intended (they don’t want you to have a full family bonus with a team of 3 star heroes only).

It is confirmed to be intended. It say “unique”.

Great, good to know its there

Closing per request of OP via flag.


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