Atlantis Rising and Mount Umber

Atlantis Rising and Mount Umber

I’ll do my best to trigger people here with my sense of entitlement and this request / discussion point:

Back in September, it was announced that AR would be shortened by one full day (29%) due to the addition of new content: Atlantis Rises: Duration Change to a 3-Day Event, New Schedule: Thu-Sat

During discussion of this change, it was discovered that SG made the change to help us manage our WE better: Thoughts on changing the Atlantis Rises schedule and shortening the duration [Schedule has been UPDATED]

AR, challenge events, and seasonal events are the biggest drains on WE, and they all have excellent rewards, whether for completion or just participation. After those, rare quests at 60 WE are the next most expensive in terms of WE, and are considered to be must-complete content whenever they are available.

Since October 2nd, SG has been thoughtful in ensuring that rare quests did not fall during AR or a trial (see @Novo’s wonderful #calendar work). And I feel as though the community has taken notice of this and expressed appreciation for what we believe has been intentional scheduling of events to spread out our key WE expenditures.

With the costume event being put on hold, we were also happy to have AR extended by one day back to it’s previous schedule. Atlantis Rises: Temporary Duration Extension (Dec 2019 - Jan 2020)

So it’s disappointing to wake up this morning ready to farm AR only to find out that there is also a new rare quest that will use up two flasks worth of WE. Given that the extension is also going to overlap Sunday’s trial, we’re not getting as much of a benefit/replacement for the removal of the costume event.

I’m not sure if the rare quest coming today was a mistake or oversight in scheduling because AR is a week early this month. It is bittersweet to have it happen during AR.

So I’d like to request one free WE flask for everyone, like we’re kindly given for each challenge event. I feel like without it, extending AR is a hollow gesture.


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