Atlantis rises!

Finished Province 9, and lo:

Is appears we have 9 provinces per family, and three families, so there should be a total of 27 provinces… but only 24 are shown on the current map. It appears that the last three are in the rising city of Atlantis!

Edited, November, with Province 12 complete the city rises another notch:

Next step (thanks to @Gryphonknight):

Edited, March 2019, another drop in sea level:

Now at the edge of the sea, we’ve lost clear sight of the city in a swirling shroud of darkness.

And finally revealed:


Nice catch! Never noticed and/or put 2 and 2 together on that. Would be super cool and well developed if correct.

Logical. I wouldn’t assume that the family related provinces are all blocked together though. The next few have names out of Greek derivation, implying an Atlantis theme, which is logical considering the end of Lost Lagoon, then we go into names that look Japanese in basis, implying the Sakura family will be the major part of the plotline there, before the last few visible provinces which again have names of Greek origin.

As for the existance of 27 provinces, the Season 2 Hard Mode entry in the player profile is a big hint towards that number too.

So cooooooollllll :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Nice catch.

Though it appears to be the partially sunken city:


Good memory, @Gryphonknight. As you probably know, the legend of Atlantis is that it sank into the sea. This time, it appears to be coming up!

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Interestingly Dragon bones & Scabbards have increased drop chance in S2-24-xx-d.

So do no ingredients have double chance in the city? Or is there new loot? Or is the city different from normal map stages?


Does anyone know the timeline until the next Atlantis gate opens again?

You can view based on when the next set of Provinces will open up, so I think in 30ish days?

yeah, I wasnt able to game much the last week, so I didnt get all the provinces that were opened completed. So I cant see the countdown clock

It would be cool if actually in the atlantis city we can rise other buildings.

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That’s a rumor I heard, so maybe we are lucky, maybe it’s just wishfull thinking :slight_smile:

30d 13h, counting. It’s well after Christmas, so our pockets will be filled :rofl:

Updated graphics in top thread!

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Here is a missed step:


Is Atlantis really rising? Or is the sea in this archipelago receding? And, has anyone thought about the poor little fish and coral reef that is going to be disrupted by this catastrophe? We should be mounting an assault on this phenomenon. Those poor merpeople are just going to die if we don’t build a dike or something. I’m calling Green Peace.

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I realize you’re being facetious, but it’s definitely rising. No more of the surrounding coastline is being exposed, so it’s not due to a drop in the sea level. Atlantis rising also seems more thematically fitting for Poseidon to assault the land-dwellers.



And now I know. Thank you @IvyTheTerrible. I informed Green Peace to stand down.


This seems more like a RCT post …lol

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No, this was a serious concern. :blush:

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