Atlantis Rises, stage 9-7 normal - price list, including Seadragon stats

I will add all the stats from my runs here and update it regularly:

After first 10 runs: very lucky so far with meteor fragments, got 3, chance for Dragon is 10% already :slight_smile:
After 20 runs: first nuggets and bones arrived, one Seadragon again, still holding on 10%.
After 30 runs: chance of encountering a Seadragon rises to 13,3%. Common Herbs still at 100%.
After 40 runs: got a couple of Dragons so the chance now rises to 15%.
After 50 runs: 43rd run brought a first time ever 10 drop of herbs, Dragon chance now at 12%.
After 60 runs: Seadragon at 13,3%.
After 70 runs: Seadragon up to 14,3%, common herbs still at 100%.
After 80 runs: I am still getting lucky, Dragons now at 16,3%.
After 90 runs: Dragons down slightly to 15,6%. Got some more dragon bones.
After 100 runs: Dragon chance down to 14%.
After 110 runs: I hit a wall, no Dragons since run 84. Chance now down to 12,7%.
After 120 runs: Dragons back up to 13,3%, lots of scabards in these last 10 runs.


Hi @Pois1, why are you running 9-7 Normal?
Does it has something special? (besides high XP)

To compare the results to 9-9.
9-7 has more monsters and maybe the chance of encountering a Seadragon is higher, maybe.
We’ll see.


Interesting, tell me if I can help with a few runs ?
I could do 10-20 or so. Maybe sending you the summary or pictures of the loot

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No need for that. I will have sufficient data and I don’t like working with pictures. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if there was only luck involved, but yesterday I finished up the last 3 provinces of atlantis hard mode. I got A LOT of coins from sea dragons. I think the average was about 5 for about 20 levels, with a maximum of 13 which happened like 3 times (excluding the gifted ones for clearing the level).

I am not sure if that is worth it per WE, but at least it seems a lot safer from the small sample. Did anyone test it so far?

Great Pois, I will be watching closely your results.
Have a nice farming weekend!

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