🔱 Atlantis Rises – Schedule, FAQ & Discussion – Next October 1, 2020

When will this be released? Want to make sure I wait to finish the season two when I’m getting a discount!

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Want to point out that FOR NOW it seems using fast tickets on atlantis raises is more convenient since it seems that it provides more atlantis coins then regular playing.

So for as it is NOW keep your loot tickets and do not wasting them.


Because of these unique enemies dropping Atlantis Coins, Loot Ticket just suddenly become more valuable…

Unless the presence of these unique enemies are unannounced and could randomly show up in “any” stage… It’d cut down amount of players essentially farming for Atlantis Coins if they already know which stage(s) to play / re-play if they are known before going into a level.

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New heroes added… not very impressive for me. 3% chance on only atlantis heroes would impress me more :slight_smile:

Nice update anyway.

They are. They show up at random, there’s no apparent way to know where or how many will show up.


Welcome to the E&P Forum, @Chadmo !! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much!

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From the release notes, it is in the latest update, version 21.0

BUT. It only applies during Atlantis Rises, which most of us are guessing is the time when the Atlantis summon portal is open. So ~4 days per month you get these special rules and the remainder of the month is unchanged.

It has typically been the 4th (or last? I dunno) Thursday of the month thru Sunday which will probably start the 23rd this month


Now look at it this way, some players have spent a high WE to pass though some Provinces for the first time, now with reduced WE for a limited time some player who have not done those Provinces would be able to do it at reduced WE for the first time. That is where the fairness question lies.
Anyway this could be negligible imo.

This would be a welcome update as it brings more flavors to the Atlantis.

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Wow!!! I get a chance at extra Atlantis coins!! That means I got 10 more 3 * Atlantis heroes coming. Lol… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if it’s all that its made out to be… I just hope they do not stop the returning heroes of the month


By completing the provinces earlier the players would had better chances to pull for the Heroes they liked the most with better chances.

Earlier completors could had unlocked the provinces for mire WE but they would still have the same benefits as the other ones.

I too think that it’s negligible, It would be like complaining for the ones that pulled a certain hero of the month after his release by spending 100 Atlantis Coins.


Actually, the perspective is the first completion vs the COST of WE for that first completion, whatever comes after becomes equal chance to every party irrespective of different timing.

However, the update would be good for everyone in the long run.

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This sounds like a really cool feature and can’t wait to try it out.

Anyone that has not yet finished the S2 levels can now do so a bit each month when ‘Rises’ becomes available, and save a bit of WE for patiently going through each stage.

Those that have already completed can farm more efficiently, which is what I plan on doing.

This sounds like a winning solution for all!

Now, what I’m interested in, and haven’t read about yet, what are these rare monsters like? The ones that can randomly show up in S2 Provinces? Are like rare Titans that reflect certain elements? And do they only show on boss levels, or also amongst the minion levels?

It’s worse than that. Some people farmed S2 for backpacks or whatever. Hundreds of runs through province 1, and now everyone will be able to farm province 1 for less WE. It’s like all those people who farmed elemental chests, even paying gems to get more of them, and now anyone can do it with emblems added. The only way to be fair is for loot to always decrease, never increase. Do we riot?

‘Rises’ is for only a limited time, and I should think chances at better loots should be welcome.


This is sarcasm right? If not… you all need to get your priorities straight. More loot is better for everyone.


Here’s my 2 cents on the “fairness” topic (and FYI, I used World Energy flasks to finish both the normal and hard stages during the last Atlantis opening so that I didn’t have to wait a month to take advantage of the 800 free Atlantis tokens): Early adopters of a new product (at least when it comes to technology) pay a higher price when the product is first released, while those that wait may be able to purchase the same item at a lower cost. So, in my personal opinion, it is not unfair that someone that has not cleared the levels has a chance at clearing them at a lower cost because they waited.


Is that picture from beta?

Live now

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Let the complaining and bickering begin :roll_eyes:


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