🔱 Atlantis Rises – Schedule, FAQ & Discussion – Next October 1, 2020

Excuse me again. Will energy be reduced to stages already completed or to everything, including those that are not yet completed?

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Now that’s a great idea to get people psyched about the Atlantis event! I would definitely look forward to it monthly with that concept in place, the high WE cost sometimes bums me out.


I will clarify the question. The bottom line is that to pass 26 provinces at a difficult level usually requires 140 energies - 14 energies per stage. Players who have already gone through 26 provinces have spent at least 140 energies.

Will other players who have not yet requested 26 provinces be able to pass it at a reduced price? For example, at 9 (I do not know how much they will lower the price) of energy per stage. And in the end, go through 26 provinces for 90 energies and not for 140 energies, like other players.

Or will the reduction in energy prices be only for those stages that have already been completed earlier at full price?


Seriously. It’s unfair that I started playing after all the OP HOTM passed, but you don’t see me whining about it.


Both, the energy required is reduced for all Season 2 Stages during Atlantis Rises.

Yes and no.

Players can complete new Stages with reduced energy usage during Atlantis Rises — but the event only lasts a limited time each time, so unless you use WE Flasks or pay with gems for WE refills, you can only complete so many Stages during the time Atlantis Rises is available.

It appeared during Beta that Atlantis Rises will coincide with the availability of the Atlantis Summons Portal — but that will need to be confirmed when Atlantis Rises first appears in the live game.

Click for discussion of Atlantis summons from Beta topic
Click for discussion of Atlantis map



Whether energy is decreased for unfinished levels or not, I’m going to try and finish them before the end of the month.


“New Unique Enemies can be found in Season 2 stages during Atlantis Rises. Win levels with the enemy to receive Atlantis Coins.”

Hi @zephyr1 ! can you please tell me if this is same if i play the stage or if i use ticket loot? XP points will be raised of 50% too?


Will we be able to “win” this levels with a loot ticket or we need to replay it (assuming we have already completed given stage)?

Will be any indicator of stages with new unique enemies?


I’m looking forward to how the Atlantis aspect changes. I still have some Atlantis heroes I’m hoping to get as well as past HOTM’s. I hope they continue offering them in a similar fashion as before. Seems like they might, but until it happens…

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Yep! It’s the same:

No, they appear at random during Stages.


It benefits players in two ways:

  1. If you are still trying to complete Atlantis stages, you get to do so at reduced WE cost and increased loot. (Benefits players who haven’t finished)
  2. If you are farming Atlantis stages that you have already completed, you get reduced WE / increased loot while you do so. (Benefits players who can re-play the best farming levels)
    It is currently too preliminary for me to release publicly, but I’m working a variant of my data driven farming guide which shows which levels are best to farm during this event that I hope to release before the Atlantis portal opens next.
    Spoiler: Based on my VERY PRELIMINARY work, Season 2 Normal levels are the ONLY place you should be farming during this event, and many “best” levels have changed significantly.

There are missed opportunities among all levels of players that this wasn’t available before, and I don’t see it as particularly unfair to any group of players except those who cannot yet play any season 2 levels at all.


What I saw reported from beta, this wasn’t true. XP stayed the same, but the WE cost to get it decreased, so XP/WE still improved. But not as much as all other loot like recruits/WE which improved twice because there were more recruits for less WE.


When will this be released? Want to make sure I wait to finish the season two when I’m getting a discount!

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Want to point out that FOR NOW it seems using fast tickets on atlantis raises is more convenient since it seems that it provides more atlantis coins then regular playing.

So for as it is NOW keep your loot tickets and do not wasting them.


Because of these unique enemies dropping Atlantis Coins, Loot Ticket just suddenly become more valuable…

Unless the presence of these unique enemies are unannounced and could randomly show up in “any” stage… It’d cut down amount of players essentially farming for Atlantis Coins if they already know which stage(s) to play / re-play if they are known before going into a level.

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New heroes added… not very impressive for me. 3% chance on only atlantis heroes would impress me more :slight_smile:

Nice update anyway.

They are. They show up at random, there’s no apparent way to know where or how many will show up.


Welcome to the E&P Forum, @Chadmo !! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much!

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