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Hey guys, I have a question; let’s say I’m 1000 exp towards leveling up and have lots of WE.

Can i use loot tickets to use up all of those WE on AR without wasting it? Or will only the first 1 count, then I’ll level up, and then the rest of the WE will be taken from me after the level up?


You can use it in one hit… very useful!


Indeed it is recommended to use loot tickets just prior to leveling up so that you don’t waste that energy especially during Atlantis rising.

I will say taking away the Atlantis coins will have an affect on how much I play I have now I have finished the missions

Does anyone have the latest list of returning HOTMs for Atlantis? I’ve searched a lot in the forum (I swear!) and couldn’t find it. Want to save it for later thx

There’s a spreadsheet linked in the top post of this thread: Next Atlantis Rises: May 1: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes [Currently discussing May 1 Cycle]


With the Atlantis S2.15 / 9N, I have an average number of 28-31 recruits

S2H 15-8 increases to about 50 recruits with the reduced WE plus the increased loot during Atlantis Rises.

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do you mean item harvester? they only work in the S1 map stages

yes harvester only work in season I.
So not to be used to farm Atlantis.

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thanks a lot, i will try your level :grin:


Here’s what I have for returning HotMs:

I can’t remember who’s worksheet this is, but I want to thank them very much. It’s come in quite handy :blush::wink:


Is this Gregorian’s last time as a returning HotM?

Yes - in the list posted by you above, between the two “past HOTM” columns, the left side column indicates the heroes appearing for their second time in Atlantis - meaning SGG doesn’t have any plans yet to bring them back in Atlantis.
So, yes. This month’s Atlantis is Greg’s last appearance as returning HOTM.


Hi, yes… here is the latest update.

Spreadsheet link


One question - I have 4/10 progress in my bonus ascension material chest. What happens if I will do one 10xsummon? I don’t want to waste my progress :thinking:

If you do a 10x then you will have 4 summons toward the next chest. They just carry over. I think you can open ten bonus ascension chests total.


9, actually, but the rest of this is exactly right. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can see how many Chests are available by tapping on the Chest icon (I haven’t Summoned at all):


Could you please advise what team power I need to play 1 province on hard?

around 3200 maybe but i advise color stacking not rainbow


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