🔱 Atlantis Rises – Schedule, FAQ & Discussion – Next February 4, 2021



It is always 4th Thursday 07:00 GMT in each month.

Which troop was equipped? The 4* troop Monotaur has a critical damage percentage. Im sure he’s emblemed as well with maybe his attack stat increased

I’ve been collecting tips for saving food during Atlantis. Are there more?

ATLANTIS TIPS: how to save food during Atlantis. Don’t add to level 20 training; don’t place emblems; don’t ascend a hero; don’t make battle items, don’t research anything!. Don’t pull heroes out of your TC, so you have room in your roster.Do put all your recruits into TC 11. After Atlantis pull them out for other training.


Where can I find an overview of the featured heroes in the next atlantis rises?

This thread discusses that: Next Atlantis Rises: February 4: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM and Featured Atlantis Heroes

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And definitely DO NOT research advanced items in the forge…


Thanks, I’ll add that. A member on my alliance was very grateful for these suggestions. If it saves the food of one player, it’s worth repeating every Atlantis!


This page has guesses based on current patterns: All Hero History | Empires and Puzzles Wiki | Fandom

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Any idea when Atlantis Rises comes again?

1st Friday of the month, so 6 March.


Tysm! :wink: I really appreciate that.

Hello Guys,

I was under the impression that Atlantis was supposed to start today and so were my alliance members.
Do you know if the schedule changed or if there is any update on this?

Thank you,

It starts every first Friday of each month and lasts until Sunday. :slight_smile:


More info can be found here


Wish they would also change the timing of the loot ticket specials since they changed when AR pops up. They really should coincide.


Hey guys, I have a question; let’s say I’m 1000 exp towards leveling up and have lots of WE.

Can i use loot tickets to use up all of those WE on AR without wasting it? Or will only the first 1 count, then I’ll level up, and then the rest of the WE will be taken from me after the level up?