Atlantis Rises needs Troop summons

Like with the Ninja tower Quest, I think that Atlantis Rises should finally get its own version of the troops summons.

That way players can spend their coins and have a 5 to 10% chance of getting new Atlantean troops.

The current one that I am thinking of are the Atlantean drones.

Edit: I think a possible unique ability of the Atlantean drone troops would be to either give the hero they are assigned to a bonus dosage of mana every few turns or place one of their own members in the front of the hero as a minion.

What stats would you give the troop?

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Enough of these troops. I think we have enough of it already. Ninjas will take another year to see max leveling. And lot of us do not even have a 29 of each. Please dont give SG ideas to make more money


Why does it need this?

I have no interest in getting more different types of troops when it is so time and resource consuming to level them. There were lots of calls for magic troops too, and I’m glad none were released. What we need is a better mechanism for levelling troops as opposed to more types.


Problem with troops is the levelling system is so terrible - even if they had the most creative ideas for troops, 0,01% of players would be able to use them in full potential. And everyone would keep using mana troops anyways because they have them on 20+ level and already invested years in levelling them.

It wouldn’t enrich the game. I like that increased chance for troops that Ninja Tower gives, but besides that, I’d see no point.

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Please no, I habe nothing against a portal with better probability to summon troops, but no new type! Ninja troops fill only a small niche as do crit troops. Mana troops rule here because the faster you fire your heroes special the greater is the chance for winning.
My goal is to have at least 2x lvl29, 2x lvl23 and a lvl17 mana troop in every color. That will be a long way, currently I have something like 18,7,5 in every color. Every new troop type is only diluting the pool and distracting the players.

Happy gaming

Instead of Atlantis troops, I think getting mana troops for 2*-3* troops would be a better suggestion. It’s 2021, mana troops should not be limited to 4*s only


So, you want special fish troops? :rofl:

You didn’t pay attention, did you?

Do you not know the Atlantean drones?

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What is the problem?

Low level troops for consumption are plentiful.

I think that like the ninjas, the Atlantean drones should have a unique power of their own, such as supplying the hero that they are attached to in extra dose of mana every few turns or something.

Maybe they order one of their own members to stand in front of the hero as a minion.


The Oni Warriors could also be troops from Atlantis. It would be there to reflect the Japanese family that inhabits the northern and eastern islands.

I think dwarf troops from season 3 would be a nice addition to this game.

The king of the fire Giants seems to have a lot of dwarves for his army instead of actual Giants.

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