Atlantis Rises like or dislike?

It was a great addition to the game. The only thing I don’t like about it was the fact that the -3 WE basically made the beginning stages in normal mode the best places to play. Shouldn’t SG encourage use to do the harder levels too? Better would of been the WE cost get cut in half and round down.

Not going to make a stink about it though, still a great feature to help us all get some extra loot and fun

Atlantis Rises is simply said big dissapointment, only one thing is possitive matter - reduced cost for battle
You are doing very bad work, from our aliance two players ultimated the game
Try to think about yourself and your bad job

Huh? Can you provide more details about -
Why it was a big disappointment & the “very bad work”? I’m not sure the intent of your message is clear - thanks


There were only three parts to Atlantis Rises:

  • the reduced world energy cost
  • the increased loot
  • the extra Atlantis coins from the rare spawn

So…was it the extra loot, or the free coins that really ruined the experience for you?


Yes, whole our Aliance is very disapointed with this. Our best player finishe the game. I played Atlantis and during three days I had found new holy dragon 5 -6 times, for reaching some shot in Atlantis gate it is nothing.

Next problem is a titan battle for example I prepare dark team to fight and I reach 4!!! puzzles of dark colour. It is unbelievable to make this jokes of players!

A lot of players have not money to spend them in stupid game, please realise this.


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You understand Atlantis Rising is just the Atlantis farming, right? It doesn’t affect anything else–particularly not the tile boards.

And it’s extra loot and extra coins. Even if the coins are relatively scarce, I’m not sure I understand why that would ruin the experience for you…


Reduced World Energy: Nice. A bit disproportionate as the hard levels were still expensive.
Increased loot: Really liked getting tons and tons of recruits from places like 15-9N and 6-9N (I don’t usually farm away all my WE so I have ~1000 backpacks saved)
Coins: Disappointed: After farming a lot (including using several WE flasks) I just got enough for one extra pull.

If you do not want understand the matter you do not understand…

By the way, the puzzle problem is in each battle, but mainly in titan battle

In our Alliance, they mostly concern farming recruit, sword/backpack for cheap flag. Not forcing to finish Season 2 Normal or Hard. For lower/mid player (around lvl 25 lower) we do not even start Season 2 (I only at Province 1).
And I suggest to our alliance member farm Season 2 as long as we can during Atlantis Rise.
We are happy because of reduced flag, more loot and bonus atlantis coins.

At first, I advice our alliance to not spend all WE flask for Atlantis Rise (because for backup for Memento Quest). Then during 1-2 days Atlantis Rise, I change my mind, so I advice again to my alliance to farm as long as we can and use all of WE. Because it just for 3 days. And we hope it is monthly on every Atlantis Open.

2 :+1::+1: from me. I was a little hesitant at 1st cause it took me forever to beat season 1. Thank you to all who answered my questions

I think they kind of tried to do that by indicating coin drops were probably better at the higher levels. I was too addicted to the low levels to spend any time there really, lol.

I liked it. My TC20 camps are backed up, and got lots of recruits to use for getting heroes. Amount of materials was nice too, will be helpful for event quests.

You should put a poll on the OP imo.

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All those reasons made me smile! It was great for making progress in season 2. I still have far to go but I feel invigorated to continue since the special has ended. I add my vote to say it was great fun!

It happens every Atlantis portal. So once a month for about 3.5 days

I’ll start by saying that I had already completed S2 both normal and hard before they announced Atlantis Rises. In spite of that, I really appreciated it! The reduced WE cost allowed me to do a ton of farming and set up 2 TC 2s and 2 TC 11s for about a week each, and I have about 150 more backpacks now than I did before. I hope it rises every month when the Atlantis portal opens.

Thanks SG!

Loved it, didn’t take advantage of it fully in the way I intended, but overall there’s no complaints. Was hoping to get S2 (hard) completely done, but missed it by 90 levels. Finally done after it’s over. But the amount of farmables acquired using 267 loot tickets, I feel wealthy.

One request, more loot ticket/flask offers please. Thank you

Atlantis has been a top event, now, Atlantis Rises made it superb :ok_hand:t3: :+1:t3:. Now I’m looking forward to the next and the next…

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