Atlantis Rises like or dislike?

Life is so tough…

Very much a like, TCs loaded, lots of loot, ( except nuggets, very few). My bad luck on summons still continues, but overall enjoyed

Because of that Atlantis rises, do you know how many time it will take me to just clear that Tc11 queue?
That was way too many recruits per level, they need to nerf this ASAP.
sarcasm off


Same here, i only just started looking at Atlantis, doing pro. 1n (Now up to 5/3n)
Concentrating on S1 map(20, mush harder i think) leveling heroes, so wasn’t in any rush.
Did a whole lots of farming. :laughing:
Looking forward to the next one!
Have fun.


Loved… Loved… Loved Atlantis Rises. Really hoping it becomes a regular event.

The promise of extra coins by fighting the yellow seadragon was a nice touch. Hoping the blue one is there too for even more free stuff? (fingers and toes crossed) :wink:

This was a godsend event for me. The xp, mats, troops, swords etc. were beyond awesome! I didn’t focus on hard but farmed the life out of regular S2 (15/9 is my friend!) Thank you for offering this! Hope it isn’t the last we see of it in the future:)

Loved it. They get something right once in a while. I’m expecting it to get nerfed though… I seem to encounter a lot of “bait and switch” with stuff… like raid tournament loot.

I loved it too guys but I think we are being a bit generous calling it a great event much less best of all time.

Cool as it was, reducing flags by three hardly constitutes a new event in my mind. Now I appreciate it, not complaining at all, but I bet some of the ones who are voicing issue probably have already beat S2 on hard.

I have no problem with others who haven’t finished getting a discounted path to the end, that’s awesome, but I think some of you should also consider the people who got no new challenges in this best event of all time.

It was a great bandaid to bridge til a new season, very smart, but let’s not lose our minds here, or we might convince SG to keep us in this new stages stall longer

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Loved it! I have gone from 4 nuggets to 20+ without excessive flasking. Didn’t even focus on the recruits, because I was getting enough incidentally. And filling a monster chest on 4-3 was great. I played the early levels and used tickets for later or fog levels etc so I sure hope they don’t nerf it… I am aiming for the Fox avatar and that is a looooong way off otherwise

Could anyone seriously not like this event? The biggest benefit for me was being able to work on the missions without feeling like I was wasting my WE.


Feel like a first time…lol

It’s great! It’s like a supermarket sales event and you go and stock up all the essentials for the next couple of months.

I wary though of calling it with much too much superlatives…in case SG decides it’s too much of a good thing and gets itchy to nerf it…haha.


I wonder what kind of a-hole would say they disliked that event…lol.

Translation: love it.


Actually i didnt like the event. 3 days was not nearly long enough(sarcasm btw lol)

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MY BIGGEST question is how often do Atlantis Rises appears? every 2 weeks a month or year? decade? :sweat_smile:

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LOVE IT! I farm a lot and this made that fun again lol.


Absolutely loved it! Having finished Atlantis on easy mode, it was nice to be able to play hard mode at reduced flag cost! Also as I hoard my loot tickets I was able to level up during event! Farming for needed items and getting extra tokens was great. Plz keep it coming back! Great winner for the game and for players to stay interested! Good job @devs of SG! Thxs


I liked and used 4-6 bottles to fill my world energy =)

I thought it was an awesome event. I concentrated on filling the mystic night and dense fog missions, with some work done on progressing on the hard levels. I was able to pull Proteus and Sumitomo (plus a second Gato), which are in the queue to be leveled. I also will just finish using all the backpacks I received sometime this evening. I was able to get Tiburtus and Melia maxed, Captain of Diamonds to 3:60 (waiting for ascension materials), and Caedmon to his final ascension. Boldtusk also got pretty close to his final ascension with everything I received from the event. Now to get the second TC up to level 19 so I can get through the 2,000+ rugged clothes I have .


This was definitely one of the best additions to the game.

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