Atlantis Rises Hero lineups – which heroes are best to use?

Which heroes are best to use in Atlantis Rises? Your Atlantis hero’s?

Are you referring to Atlantis as a whole (e.g. Season 2) or the Atlantis Rises event that occurs on the fourth Thursday of each month?

Although there would be added flavors to use Atlantis heroes during the event, the maps are beatable with Classic Season 1 heroes without the assistance/usage of Atlantis heroes. If that is who makes up your primary roster, it really depends on who you have.

Just be aware that even on normal mode, enemies (not just the bosses) on later provinces can still hit quite hard and if you have some heroes who are generally lower in defense, you’d probably have to baby them a bit more than you would in season 1 maps.

That being said as an example, this is the lineup I used to get through most of season 2 maps.
Boldtusk, Melendor, Gormek, Cyprian, and Wu Kong. Gormek was there for his special to lower the defenses of targets and to color stack damage against green enemies (he was eventually replaced by Isarnia, whose special debuffs all and I am getting damage output for blue tiles). Cyprian is there to counterattack the hard hitting enemies, Melendor for primary healing, Boldtusk for Heal and Attack Buff, and Wu Kong for increased tile damage. This is a pretty defensive oriented line up (who I also used to get through some of the Hard Mode too) and most of my progresses were done before Emblems were introduced. These are not quick to complete stages because of the line up I use, and frankly it’s the best choice I have, given who I have on my roster.

Again, just because it is Atlantis, doesn’t mean you have to use Atlantean heroes.

But… If your goal is to farm resources during the Atlantis Rises event, there are numerous guides and discussions on the forum on where the best stages are to do them. And to farm, you need to have completed the said stages to repeatedly go through them. Again, Atlantean heroes not required to do well.


I beat the last 3 provinces (25-27) of Atlantis Hard mode with the following teams myself:

Underwater stages:
Tiburtus, Gretel, Khiona, Sabina, Wu Kong

The rest of the stages:
Boldtusk, Wilbur, Sir Lancelot, Red Hood, Scarlett

Just one 5* per team, the rest 4*s.

Not sure if that’s what you’re asking though. For general Atlantis Rises farming I usually just use my defense team and autobattle :laughing:


Depends on the colors of the mobwaves and bosses.

Stack wisely strong at least 3 against the biggest threats and bring two healers as well. One can be part of your stack.

Especially for Atlantis Rises loot-tickets are very handsome.

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For farming, I really just do either 1-7 or 1-8 which ever one yielded the best drop rate for backpacks as I was always running out. As for making progress, I am in Province 20-7 and am alternating heroes but I do have 2 staples that I keep with me constantly and that is Grimm and Proteus. Grimm because he is my most powerful defense down hero (and for context, I do not have Tiburtus or Gormek on my main) and Proteus because of his poison and mana stop. The other three slots alternate for color stacking.

The heroes that see regular rotation when I color stack are Cyprian, Brienne, Mnesseus, Sumitomo, Chao, Hu Tao, Colen, Li Xiu, and Gill-Ra. The three stars I mentioned are nearly fully emblemed with the exception of Mnesseus. He has a full grid. If you have Rigard or another good healer, do not be afraid to rotate them in or make them a staple for your team.

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