Atlantis Rises favourite farming stage 9-9 normal - price list (300 runs)

For the Kirin mission and a yellow chest, 11-3 is by far the best stage for yellow monsters :slight_smile:

Why is S2-9-9 better than S2-9-10 during AR?
I’m not questioning you but just asking in order to learn. I have just deducted that S2-9-10 was possibly the best as it is the highest map location with a cost of 3 WE.

I love S2 15-9 normal for recruits and loot. 4WE and you can get 25-30 recruits per run. Nice 3* ascension items and nearly 2200 exp.


That’s a great question. A lot of us use the data compiled here to make decisions about farming. There’s a lot to digest in there, so let me answer your question specifically, and also a little more generally.

  1. 2:9-9N does have the same WE cost as 2:9-10N. I believe that in S2, 2:27-10 is the only stage with a different WE cost than the rest of its province. However, in S1, each time the WE cost goes up, it is in the middle of a province.
  2. 2:9-10N does have better experience than 2:9-9N, as would be expected.
  3. 2:9-10N does have identical loot as far as food, iron, heroes, troops, crafting mats and ascension mats are concerned. In S2, every stage in a province provides the same drop rate of each of these categories of loot. It doesn’t matter if you’re farming the first or the last stage in the province.
  4. 2:9-9N provides a higher rate of recruits than 2:9-10N. Every stage provides a different number of recruits on average. This varies both within provinces and across provinces.
  5. 2:9-9N contains more monsters than 2:9-10N, which we believe provides more chances at Orichalcum Seadragons. In general, the tenth stage of each province contains fewer monsters than the regular stages. Special stages also typically contain fewer monsters than regular stages.
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What @Benn said pretty much.

Most provinces have the same WE cost across them, and all provinces have the same iron, food, and items per run, which is the same per WE in those provinces. So in that sense the whole province is the same.

XP goes up by level, sometimes staying the same for two or three adjacent levels, so for that, the last level (unless WE cost varies) is always best, but usually by a pretty small margin.

Best I can tell, recruits and monster counts vary kinda randomly/arbitrarily by level with no pattern that I’ve noticed, so the level where they are highest randomly doesn’t hit the last level all that often, and in most provinces isn’t the same either.

I’m tempted to make a special sheet that picks the 1~3 levels in each province which maximize these three things perhaps also including a few that aren’t best in any but are 2nd best in two or three of them.

It would take the exhausting list of 729 farmable levels down to at most a couple hundred where the ones off the list are only useful for elemental chests and S2 missions, but always a worse choice for general farming.


Hehe. It is actually because of my team composition and autoplay. I play with two Delilahs and 9-10 boss is Mok-Arr with extra damage to holy, so… I can sacrifice the extra 5 XP points in order to avoid him. I actually use all my loot tickets for 9-10 but I only autoplay 9-9.

6-9 normal does good recruits aswell

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