Atlantis Rises favourite farming stage 9-9 normal - price list (300 runs)

What is your favourite farming stage?


It says 3we. So normal difficulty?

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Yep, right there in the name of the thread.

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Do you list recruits? I’m not seeing it for some reason.

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Been running s2. 9-9 normal also and I’m getting 5 per WE (15-16 per run)


Elemental Chest + S2 Missions

My notes on elemental chest grinding during Atlantis Rises.

Main reason for me was to note stages that combo with those season 2 missions. Meaning these are not necessarily the best stages for elemental chests. But if you want to do your chest while also doing missions, these stages are good.

S1 7-4 is still the best one for WE cost-wise and in regards to colored monster appearance.

If you still want to grind Season 2 for materials and missions:

  • 1-4 [AR cost: 3] (combos with Steg. boss mission and privateer enemy mission)
  • 1-8 [AR cost: 3] (combos with Emperor Moth boss mission and privateer enemy mission)
  • 4-5 [AR cost: 3] (combos with magic night stage mission)
  • 19-2 [AR cost: 5] (combos with magic night stage mission and Kirin boss mission)


  • 11-3 [AR cost: 4] (combos with Kirin boss mission) (4 waves, ~14 enemies avg, 30 runs)
  • 13-1 [AR cost: 4] (combos with Gashadokuro boss mission)


  • 8-7 [AR cost: 3] (combos with Steg. boss mission)
  • 10-1 [AR cost: 4] (combos with Ice Kitsune enemy mission and Kirin boss mission) (4 waves, ~8 blue enemies per run, 100 runs)


  • 7-1 [AR cost: 3] (combos with Privateer enemy mission) (5 waves, 50 runs, about 5.4 green monsters per flag during AR)
  • 9-9 [AR cost: 3] (combos with Steg. boss mission)
  • 13-2 [AR cost: 4] (combos with Kappa enemy mission)
  • 14-9 [AR cost: 4] (combos with Kappa enemy mission, Gashadokuro boss mission and poison mist mission)
  • 25-1 [AR cost: 6] (combos with Atlantean Drone enemy mission and Gadeirus boss mission)


  • 3-4 [AR cost: 3] (combos with Steg. boss mission)
  • 3-5 [AR cost: 3] (combos with Golden Macaw enemy mission, poison mist stage mission, and Emperor Moth boss mission)

Do you have the amount of monsters?


I’m still doing more runs in each of them. These are just notes currently on stages that look good based on the runs I’ve done.



But I downloaded the graphic and do not see it on the graphic.

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20 caracter.

I’m doing these phases frequently, but until now, there have been few coins from the special animals, almost no encounter

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Good stuff, @Pois1 and @DaveCozy!!! Thank you for the post good Sirs

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How many flasks have you used since rising? I went from 2-15-1H to 2-24-4H now, used 10 WE flasks so far.

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Unfortunately I had no flasks so I bought full WE for 100 gems, 18 times.
But those were for 27-9 normal with loot tickets.
All the 9-9 normal stages I played, not using the loot tickets.


Same here @Pois1. Spent way to many gems on WE, but the payoff is worth it IMO


Thanks @Pois1 @PapaHeavy

I’m going to try it!

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@l2ider, you really won’t be disappointed. It’s the best farming I’ve ever seen in this game, heck in a lot of games. Shame it’s only a few days once a month.

For greens, the numbers are
9-9: 3 Green only, I think it is mistakenly included.
9-10: 8 green
13-2: 12 green
14-9: 10 green
25-1: 8 green

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It is 12,5 monsters per run on average.

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I changed one stage for the privateer mission under green elemental chests. I found 7-1 actually has the single best count for those enemies, and a very decent amount of green monsters too!

At 5 waves it is absolutely great :slight_smile: (I got 5.4, Burry Farmz guide lists 5.33 which confirms gladly for me that my average is correct :smiley: ) I think that is also the best stage for green monsters, providing you are just looking to fill the elemental green chest during AR


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