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It’s clear from the App Store release notes that it’ll be during “Atlantis Weekend.”

I maintain that starts the 4th Thursday of the month, but I guess we’ll see if I’m right this coming Thursday…


Is the trend 4th Thursday or last Thursday? They are the same most months, but not this month.


I think it’s 4th Thursday, but we’ll know soon enough.

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Lets look at months containing 5th Thursday:

August 2018: 23 instead of 30?
November 2018: 22 instead of 29
January 2019: 24 instead of 31


It was 4th Thursday last August: August 23,2018


Hello, what a strange bunch out there.
Fair, unfair, who care.
All I’m going to do is play, save a few flags. Go further on season 2.
Loot tickets efficiency, i don’t have that many, so who care.
All I’m going to do is go further on season 2.
And get MORE loot.
What is the problem?
All i want to do is go further on season 2, as far as my heroes can take me!
That all, folks.
Have fun.


Loot tickets? What are those?.. Havent seen a flask or ticket special in weeks!!! Ill trade my 10K useless herbs for a few!


I think we’re due for the “It’s Raining Loot Tickets” offer in the next couple of days. It’s usually around this time of the month.


Didn’t we have it a few days ago? I don’t buy it but I saw it a few days ago


not me , last offer is from Gem , 1400 gem for 60 ticker i believe with WE and trainer

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Most likely, it comes a few days to Atlantis,…I really need that loot ticket rain!


That’s different, you’re thinking of the “Fast Lane Pack” Shop offer that’s purchased with gems and comes with Loot Tickets.

It’s Raining Loot Tickets is a non-shop offer purchased with money and looks like this:


Since I only rarely spend loot tickets ( when I level up and with level 47 that is not often :smile: ) I have over 100 tickets in stock. :smile: :grin:

This might be the chance to get rid of some of them! :heart_eyes:

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does the chance of rare monsters appearing depend on province and stage difficulty?


Possibly, no good evidence either way.

It wasn’t readily apparent in Beta that the appearance rates varied by Province or difficulty, but it would require a fair amount of data collection to be sure, particularly if the amount of variation were small. To further complicate that, the appearance rates were vastly increased during most of the Beta testing so people would have more opportunity to test them.


A mere 858.67 hours of world energy accumulating at 1 point per 10 minutes, assuming we measure time equally, that is actually only really, properly speaking, 35.78 days of using a flag collection the moment it is generated?

Just a minor technical issue, I tell you…