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That’s different, you’re thinking of the “Fast Lane Pack” Shop offer that’s purchased with gems and comes with Loot Tickets.

It’s Raining Loot Tickets is a non-shop offer purchased with money and looks like this:

Since I only rarely spend loot tickets ( when I level up and with level 47 that is not often :smile: ) I have over 100 tickets in stock. :smile: :grin:

This might be the chance to get rid of some of them! :heart_eyes:

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does the chance of rare monsters appearing depend on province and stage difficulty?

Possibly, no good evidence either way.

It wasn’t readily apparent in Beta that the appearance rates varied by Province or difficulty, but it would require a fair amount of data collection to be sure, particularly if the amount of variation were small. To further complicate that, the appearance rates were vastly increased during most of the Beta testing so people would have more opportunity to test them.


A mere 858.67 hours of world energy accumulating at 1 point per 10 minutes, assuming we measure time equally, that is actually only really, properly speaking, 35.78 days of using a flag collection the moment it is generated?

Just a minor technical issue, I tell you…

I’m reposting my farming guide link even though it is already in this thread to announce that I’ve published my estimated loot during Atlantis Rises now, so people can look at it for a while before it happens, presumably this Thursday.


Why do we talk about the weekend? In theory atlantis is on Thursday

Thursday to Sunday. That’s more weekend than not

Atlantis rises shoudl be on the last thursday of the month. so 30th of may?

Atlantis used to be at 4th Thursday (23 May is 4th Thursday)

At August 2018, November 2018, January 2019, we had it at 4th Thursday instead of 5th or last.


bummer. so same hotm in atlantis?

I hear conflicting guesses based on whether Atlantis drops on the last complete weekend of the month or simply the last Thursday of the month. It was February that Atlantis dropped on the last day of the month and we could start drawing for the new HoTM and Atlantis on the same weekend. But I still hear guesses that say that May’s Atlantis will be this Thursday.

The 4th Thursday of February 2019 happened at the last day of the month.

They should have put the countdown timer intact to avoid confussion…

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Publishing a calendar of regular events would help too.


Did you mean challenge events? They are at 2nd Thursday of each month.

Isn’t Atlantis always start 2 weeks after the start of challenge event?

I mean every regular event. There’s no reason why they couldn’t put Atlantis, monthly challenges, raid tournies, even the rare quests on a single calendar.


Probably should have asked them in AMA to confirm that challenge events is indeed at 2nd Thursday while Atlantis at 4th… Rare quests seems not to have strict schedule though…

they have - not the same time with trials.
and if possible not the same time with events.
and from 7 to 11 days :slight_smile:

That is what I mean by not strict :rofl:

As the HOTM is Margaret, not Ranvir, maybe this time GM will appear…

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