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Are the special enemies just normal enemies? Or bosses too?

They are normal mob enemies.

@Winters - when you get 50% more loot for the same loot ticket and more loot tickets consumed per WE before running out plus a chance at atlantis coins I’d say that’s a more efficient use.


This! This attitude is what got the loot from the Raid Tournament nerfed (and I’ll be surprised if it comes back up to where it was originally. Why would SG give upgrade loot disbursement when players complain it’s too high!?)

In general, higher, more available loot is better for everyone, but some people just can’t stand thinking that other people got an incrementally larger gain than they did. It’s absurd.


True i tried to point that out then as well, fell on deaf ears


Are there any rumours about countdown timer before the Atlantis Rising like we had before the last province has been released?

“coming soon ™” is a Calendar that will have the Atlantis summons on it.

You’ll be spending MORE loot tickets to finish the same number of levels, that’s not more efficient use of loot tickets. More efficient use of WE, yes sure, but not more efficient use of loot tickets.

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On the contrary, I plan to stop my progress in hard level while atlantis rise take place, I will instead redirect my focus to farming in atlantis for materials that I need such as hardwood lumber and midnight root.


I disagree.

Rumor is the loot will be substantially boosted, so each loot ticket on 2.15-8H will return more loot per ticket during Atlantis Rising.

Currently 2.27-8H returns an average of 34 recruits ( 33-35 ).
If the bonus is +10%, or higher, this jumps to at least an average of 37 recruits ( 36-38 ).


Exactly - thanks for posting this.

You’re still talking about WE use not LT use. For LT efficiency it’s lower not higher.

you use loot tickets to get loot right? So how is more loot per ticket less efficient?

Not following your logic

I use loot tickets on s2-1-9 hard for adventure kits

If i can get more kits per ticket, then I’m pretty happy


I agree

Stage average recruits per loot ticket ( range possible )
2.15-8H ( Atlantis Rising) 51 ( 49-52)
2.15-8H 34 ( 33-35 )
2.15-9N 20 ( 19-21 )
1.8-7 9 ( 8-10 )
1.7-7 8 ( 7-9 )

You can farm by hand instead of using loot tickets, right? Best value for loot tickets is farming tough levels that would otherwise cost you items. However, Atlantis Rising encourages the farming of low WE levels.

Autofarming hard levels in atlantis is too time consuming and at times can be risky if not paying attention

I’ll most likely autofarm the normal levels, loot ticket the hard ones. I’ll burn up all my loot tickets before i start autofarming though just to get it out of the way.

Time is a valuable thing


Normal Low level = 6 flags
-3 = 3 flags
Flags Decrease = 3/6 = 50%
Frequency Increase = (6/3)×100% - 100%= 100%

Hard Low Level = 10 flags
-3 = 7 flags
Flags Decrease = 3/10 = 30%
Frequency Increase = (10/7)x100% -100% = 42.86%

Normal High Level = 9 flags
-3 = 6 flags
Flags Decrease = 3/9 = 33.33%
Frequency Increase = (9/6)x100% -100% = 50%

Hard High Level = 13 flags
-3 = 10 flags
Flags Decrease = 3/13 = 23.08%
Frequency Increase = (13/10)x100% -100% = 30%

The most efficient level for farming will be normal mode, especially lower level.


Valid point, just figured based on @BarryWuzHere farming data that some items increase in drops up to 50% in hard, 33% in normal, based on the “more likely to appear” note stuff in the item descriptions in game.

So figure 50% + whatever % loot goes up during atlantis rises would be some pretty sick loot

Unless anyone has already done data collecting on this in beta that is as in depth as barry’s live game data collecting then i think it’s too early to say one way or the other


Do you make an adjusted data for the -3 flags and +50% loot?

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The big question would be if it would be better to farm for backpacks or for Gadeirus :rofl:


Backpacks for me. Bonus Atlantis coins dont even sound like they add up to a single summon…

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