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did AR happen yet or I missed it?

You didn’t miss it … We are all anxiously waiting!


Hmm, what is everyone talking about :smile: confusion setting in with me, is that rigs and winters discussion a prequel to trump-Biden :joy: serious question: have you ever met in raids and who won? :thinking:

Yes and no, I would usually use Loot Tickets on stages where I “would” be expect myself to use Battle Items (banner, dragon attacks / bombs, even if just 1), and those will be stages I have completed before and know that I’d be expected to use crafted consumables, such as Atlantis Hard Mode Stages (later ones) and the reason I know I would be expected to use battle items is that my roster grows very slowly due to the method I am playing, so although these are stages I may have passed before (few months ago), my team to tackle them should they become “locked for completion” again, would still probably end up needing some of those consumables. And due to Dragon Bones now becoming the most scarce of my ingredients, every Dragon Attack / Time Stop I did not have to use, is one I get to use later or not farm desperately on Dragon Bones for.

I don’t use Loot Ticket to save sleep, it is because I know I probably couldn’t auto farm those stages with my current roster. I will pop one or two on S2 15-8 H to get me a bunch of recruits and other resources without my direct influence. If I happen to use them at/around level up time, it’ll be if I am trying to help out my alliance trying to take down a Titan and I just used my last Titan Energy.

Let’s face it, Loot Tickets would be a much, much more valuable resource (and rare) commodity than they are now had they waived the associated World Energy Costs for the stage they are used on, and this was often the sticking point that was being argued when they were first released. I don’t personally mind them costing the energy requirement of the stage they are used on. To me, it is an exchange for time and battle items saved.

I use my Loot Tickets (and World Energy Flasks) sparingly mainly because I am not in a rush to do anything. My hero roster isn’t going to be best, nor will it ever be the best. I am not a competitive player, so I am never in a rush to try to max out a 5* hero to 4^80, trying to blast through all the challenges or new stages 5 minutes after they are released, nor do I try to get to top 100 of players. So to me, Loot Ticket is there for convenience factor.

If they want to increase LT drops, great. But it is probably not going to affect the way I use them too much.

Hope that makes sense.

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I agree with your points. Especially about scarcity. I am very glad VIP Pass was increased from 1 loot ticket a day to 3 a day. And I can buy “Raining Loot tickets” which gives me loot tickets and gems.

Tickets and energy

I know of lots of mobile games that have loot tickets. I know of zero that have zero energy cost. It has to do with the real world problem of server balancing, which loot tickets really muck with ( see notes ).

For example I am saving 1340 loot tickets for leveling a good rainbow 5* 2.60 team when I get them. But I only have 67 flasks. If they waved world energy, I would have the equivalent of 412 flasks ( 12 world energy 2.15-8H * 1340 tickets / 39 world energy bar ) without the need to auto play and use battle items so I could bombard the server with the equivalent of 2 hours of load per second, for 20 minutes straight. But since world energy regenerates for free, it just causes me to space them out, allowing server balancing to be less spiky.

The increased loot from Atlantis Rising will probably tempt me into spending some of my hoard. I feel really bad for the server Devs, the server load is going to be insane the first 5 minutes of Atlantis Rising.

Thank you

Okay. Now I understand. Thank you of explaining it. I am sure there are many lurkers who found this discussion just as interesting, and helpful, as I did.


Click for Loot tickets and world energy




If i can cram an extra 3 to 4 rounds of flags into the 3 day span of AR with loot tickets + manual farm the rest of the time, no the other guy will not have the same result in the same time frame . sure if we go flag for flag, but it’s not about the flag cost for me as i will buy as many refills as i can spend in those 3 days anyways. If he spends 3 hours of manual farming and uses 0 loot tickets and i spend 3 hours of manual farming + 100 loot tickets, 1 does in fact come away with more loot than the other. And both come away with more loot than they would otherwise.

So congratulations, you’ve wasted an entire afternoon saying exactly the same thing with different wording. There’s a billy madison quote that comes to mind in times like these…

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What effect loot ticket have on rare enemies? Do we have to normally play it to be able to get the atlantis coin?

No, there was no difference between Loot Tickets and manual play:


Any word from developer regarding the schedule? Will it follow the trend of 4th Thursday?

It’s clear from the App Store release notes that it’ll be during “Atlantis Weekend.”

I maintain that starts the 4th Thursday of the month, but I guess we’ll see if I’m right this coming Thursday…



Is the trend 4th Thursday or last Thursday? They are the same most months, but not this month.

I think it’s 4th Thursday, but we’ll know soon enough.

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Lets look at months containing 5th Thursday:

August 2018: 23 instead of 30?
November 2018: 22 instead of 29
January 2019: 24 instead of 31

It was 4th Thursday last August: August 23,2018


Hello, what a strange bunch out there.
Fair, unfair, who care.
All I’m going to do is play, save a few flags. Go further on season 2.
Loot tickets efficiency, i don’t have that many, so who care.
All I’m going to do is go further on season 2.
And get MORE loot.
What is the problem?
All i want to do is go further on season 2, as far as my heroes can take me!
That all, folks.
Have fun.


Loot tickets? What are those?.. Havent seen a flask or ticket special in weeks!!! Ill trade my 10K useless herbs for a few!

I think we’re due for the “It’s Raining Loot Tickets” offer in the next couple of days. It’s usually around this time of the month.


Didn’t we have it a few days ago? I don’t buy it but I saw it a few days ago

not me , last offer is from Gem , 1400 gem for 60 ticker i believe with WE and trainer

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Most likely, it comes a few days to Atlantis,…I really need that loot ticket rain!

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