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No, you’re exactly right, and @Olmor is saying the same thing as I was. I am similar I tend to hold the tickets because when I am in a hurry and really need to just burn through some WE, I really want them available.

Some of this is just about semantics, the concept of “efficiency”, many people above are not connecting that loot tickets don’t net you anything by themselves since they still cost WE they only save you time. Even getting accused of trolling for saying something that basic lol… So the best use of them is to burn through the most flags possible for each LT, this should be self evident.

This is not to say anything about what the most efficient use of WE is, only LT.

When you simply don’t have the time to farm levels, you want those tickets available to quickly burn through those flags, and start generating more flags, so each ticket is most efficiently used when you use them to burn through the most flags per ticket.

Otherwise what will happen if you use your LT on low WE levels is that you will quickly run out of LT, which is the exact opposite of efficient use.

I’m not saying they are a bad use during Atlantis Rising (depending on all the various details of course), but they are not an efficient use.

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For me it’s a matter of cramming as much farming as i can into those few days. Which is where loot tickets come into play, and regardless of w/e cost, I’ll still be aiming for most loot per ticket therefore still looking at which stage i can get that from

And yes i see your point. Winters on the other hand…never really had a point besides putting on an attention seeking act


Lol I’ll take that as a yes

How exactly are tickets helping you cram more farming?

Assume two players maximise their gameplay during AR. Both players use all their flags:

One player uses tickets. One player farms manually.

They will have the same result, except one of them took longer.

Pop flasks? Yes sure, cram away. Tickets? Doesn’t make a difference except that it saves you time.

Wow we’ve come full circle. Amazing.


This deserves a whole new thread of its own “don’t tell me how too spend my loot tickets” … and put it beside “ if my aunt had balls would she be my uncle” dilemna


Atlantis Rise =
More loot / stage
Less energy / stage

1 Loot ticket’s loot = 1 Map run’s loot

1 AR’s farming session = more time or more tickets

Tickets are for save some time.

It would be profitable to use tickets when you wouldn’t have enough time to farm, like before logging out or in the last AR’s minutes while the world energies are still high on number.


First of all, I am not against your idea. I use loot tickets only in certain conditions:

  • I don’t have enough time.
  • I can’t complete the level without spending many items.
  • I am feeling lazy.

Second, about the trolling part:

A: you use shovel to dig, right?
B: no, you use hand to dig, you use shovel to make it easier

Everyone know you use your hand to dig and use the shovel to make it easier and faster. Everyone know you need flags to get loot, everyone know loot tickets will save time. @Rigs know that too.

I also know that you are joking.

By now you already know @Rigs didn’t like your joke. By continuing to tease him, you are trolling him. That is what I mean, I am not accusing you of trolling by mentioning your opinion which happen to be similiar to mine.


Wonder what Doctor Phil would say about this whole affair? He’d probably spend a loot ticket just to get to the end of it.


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This thread seems to have had a significant problem with civil discussion recently. It is imperative that everyone focuses on debating ideas, and not people.


Imo you’re all right.
Just a point of view and how many loot tickets you’ll sacrifice for the higher loot.

Probably one has to try how it works to farm manually and burn some tickets in the inner circle on hard, where every stage takes about 10 minutes to play manually.

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Appears to cover everything but XP for leveling up players and the monster counts you earn, so it should be yes to recruits, troops, and heroes.

The unchanged ones improve on a per flag basis with the reduced WE required to get them.


I myself have no respect for the loot ticket. I throw them around like I’m a millionaire then when I get low… I have spenders remorse and hoard them til I have lots and then spend them with reckless abandon not taking into consideration; loot ticket/Loot rate . Luckily I have VIP pass that gives me 3 a day and the odd chest drop. So, the vicious cycle of ticket boom/ticket bust is never ending.



I can’t even figure this thread out anymore … so confused :open_mouth:

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Off topic: Nice new picture Miss kitty!

On topic: the discussion has devolved into the use of loot tickets during the Atlantis Rises event. Basically, it is Shakespearean, to use or not use loot tickets, that is the question. I am basically contemplating the same soliloquy. Will loot tickets give me just a little more ‘sleep’? Why yes, yes they will. That doesn’t seem so bad, does it?


Using loot tickets during Atlantis Rising is like running Onatel and Gretel together. They’re both useful, but if you have a lot of holy heroes you’d do better by keeping them on different war teams.

Loot tickets can save energy, loot, sleep, job, grades or battle items ( see notes ).

If I understand you correctly, you are using loot tickets on stages you do not need battle items, you are not using loot tickets to save sleep, job or grades. You are not using loot tickets when leveling.

If I understand you correctly, you are arguing about the availability of loot tickets. Since loot tickets are non-farmable items, Atlantis Rising does not include loot ticket drops.

Perhaps you could add a post to the #ideas-feature-requests suggesting loot tickets, and other non-farmable items ( emblems? ), in addition to Atlantis Coins, are dropped by the “unique enemy” mob during Atlantis Rising. By dropping loot tickets, Atlantis Rising would effectively decrease the cost per stage in loot tickets.

If each 3 wave stage has a 1% chance of dropping a loot ticket, the the cost per 3 wave stage would decrease to 0.99 loot tickets per stage.


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What? No! I use Gretel/Merlin with Onatel for perfect mana control. Ona stifles mana gain, but in the event those particularly pesky heroes could get their special, I want Meril or Gretel there to cut that mana all the way back down.

Now I have a question on topic:
Say you’re farming the special stages or avatar missions, like i still need undead privateers and stegosauruses, so I farm S2-1-2. If I just keep doing that, could one of these unique coin dropping monsters in theory spawn each time? Or just like the regular run of the map, would I have to move on to another level?

Yes, the Rare Enemies can appear in the same Stage multiple times.

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Regarding grinding with Atlantis Rises

I’m going for recruits. With the energy cost reduced, that already brings 15-9 on Normal mode to be better than 8-7 in season 1. Even if the additional loot chances doesn’t come out from Beta, it’s still better at 4 or even 5 flags.

Firestones gallore in that province too so for me who likes to compete in Rare tier events, it’ll be a super useful stage.


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