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I would love there to be a real schedule of events.

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“What, so everyone’s supposed to sleep every single night now? You realize that night time makes up half of all time?” - Rick Sanchez


I have been tracking rare events (Farholme, Frostmarch, etc.) since March, and it appears that there is a rare event sometime in the first week of the month (before the weekend, so Friday or before), a rare event the Sunday (or Monday) after the monthly challege event, and until yesterday the Sunday before the last Sunday of the month (since some have 4 and some have 5). Here are the dates the rare events released since March:

3/7 - Frostmarch (1st Thursday)
3/18 - Farholme Pass (Monday after 2nd Thurday [Challenge event ended])
3/24 - Shilo Desert (3rd Sunday and is also the Sunday before last Sunday of the month])
4/5 - Morlovia (1st Friday)
4/14 - Farholme Pass (Sunday after Challenge event)
4/21 - Mount Umber (3rd Sunday and Sunday before last)
5/1 - Shrikewood (1st Wednesday)
5/13 Frostmarch (Monday after Challenge event)

I had estimated that the next rare event, which would be Farholme Pass again, would appear on 5/19 (Sunday before last), but it has not. I will continue to track these until we get a calendar.


Rare quests follow an alternating schedule of 7days and 11days intervals.

Not quite. The pattern I listed above goes: 11 days, 6 days, 12 days, 9 days, 7 days, 10 days, 12 days. It is safe to say that there is at least 1 per week for 3 weeks in each month. :man_shrugging:

…or rather no more than 1 per week for 3 weeks each month.


Overall are 3 per month.

There is a round year calendar tracking that actually predated your tracking since march, quest calendar on Google sheet, if you look through you will come to realize on average the interval is an alternating 7 days and 11days.

One important thing that we shall not overlook in forecasting is recent trend.

The fact that newer data from @Adisty didn’t follow the older trend in that calendar might indicate that there is a shift in the trend.

SG bring a lot new feature and event lately that might disrupt the older trend of alternating between 7 or 11 day interval.


Agreed, to buttress your point the last quest shifted by a day or two. In all, I guess the calendar helps to give us the premise of the days to expect the quests.

The pattern I have seen in the Rare quests is that there are 7 in total, one for each of the five colors and two forms of Farholme that give different set of neutral ascension items.

These 7 quests cycle every 60-65 days, with anywhere from 7 to 11 days between quests.

The only exception to the above line is that the game masters have brought rare quests along sooner as apologies for the occasional mess-up. Later rare quests did not see an increase in time between to balance out the schedule, they just seemed to move the whole schedule forward several days in those instances.

I believe the rationale behind the cycle is to have all of the rare quests appear 6 times a year. Just through these rare quests it would then be possible to get the necessary items for a tier 4 ascension of a 5-star hero of each color.

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We are drifting away from the topic :rofl:




Sorry, thought you meant exactly 7 and 11 days. And thanks for the calendar (couldn’t find it via search).

Thank you for your great work. Your guide is awesome :+1:

One question: Have you also collected data regarding the “unique enemies” that give Atlantis Coins? Does the amount of Atlantis Coins only depend on the amount of monsters (so that 4-3 on Normal difficulty, the level with the most monsters/WE, will also be the best source for Atlantis Coins) or could there be other factors like a higher spawn rate in higher provinces or more coins per “unique” monster in hard difficulty?


Rumor says Beta had very common for testing but actual is very rare.


That’s true. However, my question was if there are other factors than the amount of monsters that determine the number of numbers.

It doesn’t matter whether the appearance rate is set to “very common” or to “very rare”. If it’s only the number of total monsters that determines the number of “unique monsters” and consequently the income of Atlantis coins, a level with 5 monsters per world energy will bring twice as many coins compared to a level with 2.5 monsters per WE.

The only difference would be that with a “very high” appearance rate your world energy flasks would be worth maybe 100 Atlantis Coins in the level with 5 monsters/WE, 50 AC in the one with 2.5 monsters/WE and 20 AC in a P27 level on hard with 1 monster/WE while “very rare” might be 10, 5, and 2 coins or even only 5, 2.5, and 1 AC per flask (all of course average numbers).

If, however, the “unique monsters” spawn more often in higher provinces and/or when playing hard mode, it would require specific data to determine the best level to farm AC. If in beta with appearance rate set to “very common” level XY proved to be the best source, it’s most probably also true when the appearance rate is set to “very rare”.


The full post that @Gryphonknight quoted addresses that, basically

I dunno, maybe? :man_shrugging:


Does anyone have an idea about what Atlantis coin totals we can be expecting with strict s2 farming? (no flasks)

During the tail end of Beta when the appearance rates were set to what will presumably be the same rate as the live version, some people did some runs through Season 2 and noted their Atlantis Coin collection amounts.

There wasn’t enough data to extrapolate a very accurate estimate, but suffice it to say, the impression was that it wouldn’t be a lot — it wasn’t clear it would even end up being enough for one Summons from farming only Season 2 during Atlantis Rises.

I don’t find that shocking, since it’s typically been a struggle to gain more than a Summons or two worth of Coins during Atlantis in the past without using flasks. I’d expect something similar from this — you’ll get some Coins, but it’s not going to be a massive source of them most likely.

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