Atlantis rise: No reduced cost for already completed levels

Since the beginning of the Atlantis Rises event, I cannot get reduced cost for any of the already completed levels.

Any ideas or anyone with the same problem?


Could you post a screenshot of this?


Of course.

Completed level:

Not completed level:

The top one looks like a hard level and the bottom a normal level.

Can you clarify what level(s) this is?


@Warcandy as @King_Nothing pointed out, you are probably switching between normal and hard difficulty levels for the stage. Once you complete a stage for the first time, you unlock a harder difficulty. It requires more WE but gives more rewards in return. You can switch between the two difficulty levels on the prior screen. See the screenshots below:

That would explain why you’re only seeing this behavior for stages that you have completed. Good luck!


Thanks everyone! I have not yet tried season 2 on hard level so it did not occur to me that it would be choosing this mode by default. I really thought it was something to do with the already completed levels.

I get it now!

Thank you all for taking the time to answer me! :slight_smile:


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