Atlantis Raise bug?

Today I run 3 entires run on 9-7 and one entire run 27-3 and I get NO atlantis coins which is very very strange.

What I mean for an “entire run”.
Entire run means using a pack of tickets and draining all World Energy from full to empty.
In my case I have 42 World energy, so

Every run in 9-7 means the result of the drop of winning scenario for a total of 14 times.
Every run in 27-3 means the result of the drop of winning scenarion for a total of 7 times.

So it is like I did 42 times the scenario 9-7 and 7 times the scenario 27-3 and no a single Atlantis coin drop (so no rare enemy) that it is very quite unusual. Until now it never happened to me to see an entire run (as defined above) without seeing a single coin. Here I did a total of 4 entire runs and no single drop.

This is strange and it could be explained only by two chances

  1. There is a bug that prevents rare enemies to appear
  2. Percentage of rare enemies are silently nerfed without saying anything to players.
  1. Bad luck

And 20 times more bad luck

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Numbers doesn’t suggest a luck factor only. I am a hobby developer and I know how RNG works under the scene. All this drop-rate-row it is almost-near-impossible in the previous raises. So something is changed. As I said either a bug or an unsaid change.

It could be luck factor if, for example, I would see 2 Atlantis coins (a single rare enemy) after two consecutive entire run (as defined above in my previous reply). But 4 consecutive entire run without any single drop is abnormal.

Note: no a single rare enemy also on previous “casual” playing (actually playing) s2 scenarios so the number of consecutive non-rare enemy is indeed greater than 50

Not really, if it is a real RNG, every constellation is possible.
I used 3 WE flasks up to now and have around 48 coins while hunting the ice foxes.

RNG stands for Random Number Generator and usually it is never actually random. It is a very complex system to simulate randomness.
It is slightly different than, for example, tossing a dice (for example) which is a physical random object. So… not completely true that every scenario is possible.

We can say it is “not impossible” but it is soooo highly improbable that suggest an issue somewhere.

Translating in percentage:
80% -> this is an issue
20% -> this is unluck

(note: imo the actual percentage should be 95% and 5% not 80 and 20 but I am trying to be objective)

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Thank for the report but I don’t see any relation with my report. I compared outcome I am having in this new Atlantis Raises with other outcomes I had in past.
Beating 50 consecutive stages with tickets without a single drop is a warning bell. This is what I am saying and this is why I suspect a bug was introduced.

No issues for me, I’m getting a good number drop

Did a couple of runs for the loot as always.

No coins for me yet Was thinking about a thread like this but its simple… Drop rate is down?

Possible… if it so it would be fair if devs announce it pubblicly. If not it should be nice to know if it investigated if a bug exist or not.

It would be a bug if that scenario is the same for everyone…that is not the case

It would be a nerf if that scneario is the sams for everyone… that is not the case either…

I used some flags to progress in Hard Mode ran from 9-2 to 9-6 (that is 5 stages) and got 3 Seadragons in 3 different stages, each one with 2 Atlantis Coins

So actually you just had bad luck… your result is unlikely but not impossible…

Thats great. This is why Phobos asked around yo see what other guys is experiencing.

Hope my luck change quickly…lol

Well, in total I have used:
3 Flasks
2 “Regular” Full Energy
23 Gem Refills

Total: 28
Energy Max: 47 (Rank 61)
28*47 = 1316 Energy Consumed
1316/3 = 438 runs / Stages: 1-8 and 4-3 (3 energy each run)

In TOTAL, I have received 131 coins from the Rare Seadragons.
That’s what, 3.38 coins per “run” ?

I think, for me at least, as much as I’d love MANY more, that drop rate is acceptable.

Iv got about 60 coins today 27we used about 8 flasks

Exactly. And I posted here to bugs/issue since as hobby developer I know that every bug report (even if a false positive) is useful. Infact only bug reports will inform about a possible issue. Reported here and not using bug report since it was not a sure bug (at least not at 100%).

wow 60 coins and 27 we… what a luck. Usually my max amount of a single run (42we) is usually 15-18 coins. Usual outcome is around 5 coins a run. I am not counting coins you get for completing a scenario the first time (granted ones).

I’ve received coins from this rise.

I used approx 20 flasks. I have 50 maxed WE. Got approx 180 Atlantis coins so far using loot tickets.

What i noticed this month is that provinces 1, 2 and 9 seldom gives coins this month, while province 15 gave me a lot.

What is province 15 good for material etc wise?
I am wanting Adventure Kits, and get whatever else comes with it.
For me, S2: 1-8 gives me most Kits, even though 1-2 is recommended. I am wanting more coins obviously, but does Province 15 give decent backpacks? Typically from 47 WE I will get about 35 - 50 from 1-8

Not much. Just various loots. When my maxed WE was 48, i tend to visit that province often as the WE requirement is 4 (the last province requiring 4WE during AR starting province 10). I guess it was just a force of habit. I I usually spent time in province 9 to level faster, but goes to provinces 1 and 2 to replenish my monthly supply of backpacks.


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