Atlantis question- Summons counter?

Just wondering what level needs to be completed in season two in order to see the Atlantis counter for the Atlantis summoning gate?

None. You just have to wait until Atlantis summons open at the end of the month.

Well I was told that after a certain level defeated in season 2 there will be a counter for the gate at the center of the body of water by the circular building

Hmm. Never that I’ve seen. If you beat up through the last level released it will tell you when the next one comes out (24 days 4 hours as of now). I’ve never seen another counter myself.

The countdowns for the levels and the Summons are one and the same.

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To see the timer you need to have completed (at Normal difficulty) all levels on offer—currently 2-18-10.

Devs are planning to add a calendar post to the forum:

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I’m pretty sure its when you complete area 15.

Ok thanks guys! I suspected there was some kind of counter for it! Hi 5’s all around!

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