Atlantis pull or elemental

I have 3273 gems and about 300 Atlantis coins. Should I save up for all Atlantis pulls? Was planning on a 10 pull.

My hero roster is drake 3.70, and chao 4.15

I have one purple 4 star, Sabina, and Kiril and skittle maxed.

I want wu really bad for titans, as I have Wilbur and him plus wu would be deadly.

Just not sure if I should do all Atlantis pills or not

Yes, I think an Atlantis 10x is good for you. You need heroes across the board. Classic heroes will drop from TC13 and TC20, but Atlantis Heroes will comes only from their portal. Plus with the 10x you get the ascension chest, which makes up for the cost difference.

If you’re not already running TC20, make that a goal. We Kong will drop from there soon enough.


I am leveling my TC to 15 as we speak, getting them all set up to get to 20 ASAP then will work on others.

Does my storage have to be maxed to get tx20?

What is in the ascension chest?

Every 10 pulls you unlock a chest with a bunch of random ascension material goodies in it

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No, storage can lag behind by a couple of levels. Bump up storage when you need to based on the requirements of the next build.

In the Atlantis portal, you get a special chest every 10 summons you do (accumulated over time), which has a guaranteed rare mat (3* or 4*) and two other goodies.


Atlantis always has better heroes available, use them there. Plus you get the bonus ascension item.

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Your iron storages will all need to be at 18 in order to get to SH20. That will be enough storage for building up to TC20 as well.

As for making pulls, definitely save them for Atlantis. All of the 3* are pretty good to awesome, Wilbur, Proteus and Triton are amazing 4*, and then there’s always the featured heroes, the past Atlantis 5*, and all of the season one heroes.

Plus, as previously mentioned, you’ll get yourself a bonus unfarmable mat for that ten-pull too. The max is 9 chests per Atlantis portal, so you’ll fill one chest per 10 pull (or 10 individual pulls), and your progress will carry over to the next month’s portal [if you don’t fill all nine while it’s open]. So 300 Atlantis coins will put your chest at 3/10 for later.

Good luck in your pulls :blush:

I’d say Atlantis pulls, if Tarlak is one of the available Atlantis heroes this time then he is better than Wu Kong, especially if you already have Wilbur since the family bonus will come into play if you use Wilbur and Tarlak together.

If you really want Wu Kong (because mats for 5* heroes take forever to get), then make sure you wait for the elemental pull to be yellow, better odds for getting Wu Kong. But really, you can wait for Wu Kong (and any other standard heroes) from the training camps and only use the gems for the heroes that you can’t get from training camps, like Atlantis or event heroes.

Tarlak is now part of the Atlantis pool of heroes permanently.

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Give Atlantic pulls the shot.
Plus all been writen above you’ll have a chance to pull an old HOTM … its a great opportunity … as all the previos HOTMs are great. All before Aegir tbh.

And maybe not Mustache.

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Welp all 3* and boril

Welcome to the club.

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