Atlantis Problem

For some reason the amount of flags is wrong and should be 3, and the loot ticket button is missing since I already beat this stage. This is Province 9 Stage 10 of season 2. It was working fine just minutes earlier, I thought closing the app and reloading would work but it didn’t change.

Sure you had easy and this is hard mode?


@Sorsha Oh jeeze, yeah that’s the problem. I’m half asleep, I think I should go to bed.


Sleep well, my Dear. No Prob. We all have such days :wink:


Haha thank you. :dizzy_face:


sorry, 1st time posting,can’t find create new…btw just got Daiwa from Atlantis summon…is that normal or bug?

That is normal :frowning: apologies. The chances of getting a good hero are not great.

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@dye It’s normal to get the regular heroes, and I think you need to finish the tutorial to be able to make your own topics.

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No worries @Phiren, I did the EXACT same thing this morning! My first, no coffee fueled thought, was “They not only shortened Atlantis, they changed the WE cost back!?!??”

Then I woke up a little and realized I was still on hard mode :joy::joy:


@PapaHeavy Haha I was so confused when it happened. I briefly fell asleep with my phone in my hand and I probably pressed the screen and when I snapped awake I thought my game broke. :rofl:

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Oh man, this reminds me of something that happened to me back in May’s AR. We had just sat through a friend’s high school graduation, and my kids needed some help after sitting still for so long, so I let my one son play a magic night stage while we drove home. (They’re so easy with the extra fast mana generation!) I told him, “Don’t save the superpowers” and turned him loose. Ten minutes later he’s still on the same stage, one of the heroes is dead, and he’s not even at the boss. I grab the phone from him and try to salvage it, and lose another hero right away. Unable to make any progress, I grumble at him while watching the inevitable result unfold. Finally, after noticing that too much WE was lost on that fight, I realize that I had set it on hard difficulty. Thank you E&P for that #parentingfail.


Well atlante is the best fraud of sg… Like Always tons of muggy… Just à joke

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