Atlantis Portal and choosing a hero of each rarity

Now with launch of season 3 and the upcoming withdrawal of Atlantis coins from wanted mission chests and rare titans using the Atlantis portal becomes more difficult and less attractive.

Here is my take on how to make it great again:

Let the player choose a hero from each rarity, so a 3★, a 4★ and a 5★. All the other heroes that were not chosen will be eliminated from the hero pool with the exception of the featured 5★ heroes. So there are basically 7 featured heroes in the portal, of which 3 of them were the player’s choice. Keep all the current odds for the given rarities and the featured ones so you will quite likely get a 3★ out of the pull but you have chosen which one. In case of a 4★ you’ll get the one you’re still missing instead of a 5th Gobbler. In case of a 5★ you’ll get either a featured one (HOTM or Atlantis) or your favorite chosen one. And there will also be the bonus hotm roll of course.

Wouldn’t this be awesome? People will spend a lot of money in order to get their chosen hero.

Anyway I’d be happy to see changes to the portal. Please add your ideas on how to do so.

Can we reduce all the ways to get season 1 heros. We are 3 years into the game and reducing the ability to pull season 2 heros… But not season 1?!
I was very frustrated to see season 1 heros involved with season 3 portal. We can get season 1 heros all month long through normal portal, Atlantis portal, monthly event portal, costume chamber, seasonal events, and now… Season 3 portal… Enough already. Before phasing out Atlantis (season 2) pulls can we start phasing out season 1 heros from every single event?!

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