Atlantis or Summer event to go after heroes?

I am looking maximize my gems. I’ve only been playing a little over a month, would you recommend trying to get epic and legendary heroes during Atlantis, or a different event? I have some good 3* hitters but only two 4* and would like to feed a stronger army.


I’d suggest keep doing Atlantis until you have both Proteus and Wilbur.


Personally, I would go with Atlantis. I actually haven’t been playing for a year yet and have never been in game during the summer event. I have seen the heroes, and, while they are good, I just think you have more options with Atlantis. There are a lot of good 4* you can pull(Wilbur, Proteus). Even the Atlantis 3* are really good.

That said, you are way too early in the game to worry about leveling 5* heroes. If you happen to get one, great! Save it, of course. However, I would focus on a big roster of 3 and 4* heroes. That will give you a lot more options. I doubt you have anywhere near the ascension materials needed to max a 5* anyway, after only 1 month of play.


Go for the summer event, the odds are a lot better to pull one of the 6 heroes that are amazing for the field aid wars. Rana and Yunan, as far as 5* heroes go, are both extremely good at what they do.


If nothing else, knowing to wait for an event rather than just using the epic tokens as I receive them seems to be the way to go.

You also have the fact that Atlantis is reoccurring (the only thing that changes are the hotm that you can get), so you may want to consider that when you’re making your decision.

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