Atlantis or Grimwood Forest heroes

I don’t have heroes from Atlantis or Grimwood Forest. I only have enough gems for ONE 10x pull. I already have Kunchen and don’t want another.

Should I try for Atlantis heroes or wait for Grimwood?

No more pulls if I already have the HOTM.

I also got Kunchen, so see you portal till next month.

I agree that you should wait till next month so you have a shot at the next HotM. However I’d still pull for Atlantis since there are some excellent heroes in the upcoming set while the Grimmforest heroes are middling at best. Plus your 10x will give you a bonus ascension material chest which is valuable as well.


Atlantis will roll over into next month, so you can just wait towards the end of Atlantis if you decide that route. That’s what I plan to do.

Do you have the better Atlantis 4* heroes yet, like Proteus, Wilbur, Triton? They’re better than the Grimforest 4* I’m, so I’d go for them.

I think Atlantis overlaps both Feb and Mar so I’d recommend Atlantis on 3/1… That’s what I’m going to do too since I got kunchen as well.

Might be a no brainer if they come out with two new 5* among poseiden Ariel and atomos.


Thank you! I never even thought of this. That would fit the bill perfectly since I do want to try for Atlantis.

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Yeah, grimm fables is good (Hansel and Gretel, maybe even Hood) but none are game changers imho unlike the new S2 5*.

Go Big or go home

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