Atlantis or Elemental Chest?


I’m a relatively new player, slowly building up strength. So far, I have three 4* heroes - Boldtusk, Wu Kong, and Boril. I don’t have a strong green or purple hero, so I was thinking of doing Elemental summons for one of those, as I have almost 1400 gems saved up right now. But now the Atlantis chest is back, and I’m wondering if I should spend my precious gems on that instead. Any advice from more seasoned players? Where will I get more bang for my buck?


While you may need a specific color 4 or 5 star, most will be 3s and often dupes. This means doing elemental summonses only a couple times unless you are lucky in the drop.

The Atlantis summons at your level is just a fuller version of the regular summons gate EXCEPT it is the only possibility of summoning a previous HotM. This puts it ahead of elemental and even farther ahead of the regular summons.

The thing you had not mentioned was an event summons. This is my favorite place to spend gems.


I’d go Atlantis.

You can get normal stuff from Training Camp.

I try to only spend gems on summons that give otherwise unavailable heroes.

So… event summons (if there is something good - that wasn’t the case with the last pirate event) and atlantis summons.


Good advice above, which points to an important goal: get at least one TC20 running. The VIP package with its double builder is a godsend to accelerate bringing that online, if you have the budget to pay for VIP. Once that’s built, and running, 4* will be frequent visitors, with the occasional 5*.

I agree with the advice tomuse your limited summonses on event or seasonal pulls.


I’m slowly but steadily building up toward TC20. My stronghold is at 17 right now, so getting closer.

Thank you all for the advice, I’ll try some Atlantis and see if I get lucky.


It’s kind of funny how everyone’s like yeah build up your TC20 as fast as you can and get 5*. Then what. Wait 3 months to get the mats to level him. Never understood why people get so upset about not getting a 5*. I have many 5* and only started on GM. I still have a lot of core 4* that need to be fully leveled.


@Gerath - I’m in no hurry to get 5* that I can’t ascend, but more reliably getting some 4* would be good.

I did four Atlantis summons, got two 3* and two 4*. The two 4* (Sabina and Triton) both seem OK, and I’m glad to get a purple. Now to start the long slog of leveling them up.