Atlantis or Challenge Event

First part is a bit of a rant and after that I need some advice. Be free to skip the rant :wink:

I’m F2P, so I have no entitlement whatsoever, but I could use just a little luck. I’ve been playing since Delilah was the HotM, with a break from like june 2019-january 2020. I started again and started collecting my gems, coins etc. I still had a lot of EHT saved up and then Telluria came. I wanted to save all EHT for Eastervale, but I also came up short some summons for PoV, so I deceided to ide 15 EHT for Telluria/PoV. No luck. No biggy, that’s the game. During Eastervale I had another 17 EHT. I pulled my second (!) Ever 5*. Obakan, which I already had 4 times from TC20. Okay, I guess I got lucky? Worst kind of luck, but still a 5*. No 4* Easterbunnies/sheep though.
In the meantime I’m still hoarding my F2P gems and rushing Atlantis Hard mode so I would be on time finishing it before Atlantis. I made it to 1337 coins. I pulled and got a Graderius and duplicate/3*. In a total of 30 Atlantis Pulls (I found the 850 coins from Orichalchum seahorses pretty impressive) I have gotten 1 Graderius, 1 Ameonna and 2 Agwe. So still no luck. So my only special hero is from 2018 (Aegir, love him, no complaints there) and I can’t catch a break. There is no more progression which leads to me realy being bummed out at this game. I need something like a pittytimer for HotM or something. /endrant

Now the part where I need some advice. I like Red Hood. Her style, her effect, her little cute foxes. I also don’t have Hansel which I wouldn’t mind having. When I complete the challenge event I have saved up about 90 challenge coins.
Atlantis has a LOT of great 5* heroes (please no Atomos/Mok Arrrrrrggh!) and Proteus.
I know chasing a single hero tends to not workout, especialy as F2P. So the question is. Use my 3k gems on Atlantis or wait for the Challenge Event?
For roster:I have all regular 4* and almost all 5* (Marjana being the only one I would want and not have).

Thanq all for indulging me and have a nice day

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From your post I understood that you don’t have Proteus, but do you have Wilbur?

Have you completed Atlantis? If you have not, you can still get Atlantis coins from completion of the levels for the first time. Otherwise, you could only farm for the Seadragons during Atlantis Rises.

There are more ways for getting free pulls in challenge events (you can do at least 2 pulls with the coins you get).

Also, do you have Jackal and Falcon? They are more game hanging that Hansel and Gretel. Panther is also a stronger hero than Red Hood. I don’t think that Grimmforest is the best challenge event for summoning.

If I were you, I’d choose either Atlantis or Guardians.

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Thanx for the response.
I have finished Atlantis now, yes.
I don’t have Wilbur either. Nor do I have Jackal/Falchon. I know they are important to get, but I also figured that if I don’t summon at the Fables event my chances for Red Hood/Puss in Boots are 0%. I like 0,325% over 0% :wink:
Choices choices. If only I had whale money.

I think I’m gonna use the gems on Atlantis. Proteus/Wilbur/Almost any 5* are better odds than Grimmforest and then I have 2 more weeks to figure out if I am gonna chase the little foxes or the titankillers.

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Yes, I can also advise you Atlantis… Wilbur and Proteus are my favourite 4 stars and can be super helpful in many situations.

and maybe even save the coins from Grimforest for Teltoc.

Gadirus is a good hero helped me beat legendary events attack buff n heal is good and used by alot of good players on titans.
Ammennoa I love that girl hits harder than most 5* plus sourcerer handy like agwe on trails don’t get many cleric hitters that’s why I maxed one.

Save gems for Guardians

I think I’d lean Atlantis, because there are more sources of Challenge coins than Atlantis coins.

Hi, a couple of things, I don’t believe a f2p should apologise for anything here. Imo, you have a great roster by the sounds of things, when I encounter people in Raids these days, i have noticed that the c2p teams are often a little haphazard, messy! The f2p accounts at my level are like encountering a Rolls Royce in a sea of dinged up Toyotas. They were built with love, hard work, dedication and commitment. They almost shine! I find them inspiring as a p2p player. I don’t begrudge a penny in cross subsides.

Save your tokens for challenge events imo. The Atlantis summons portal is about the same or worse than the Epic regular summons in as much as you should only use it if any hero will do.

Thanks all for the replies.
I deceided to go with Atlantis and got extremely lucky and pulled 2 5* at a 0,9% chance… which were both classic 5* I already had since I only lack 3 of those. So reeealy lucky, but not lucky :wink:
I got 2 weeks to figure out grimmfirest or guardians now.

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