Atlantis opinions and suggestions

good afternoon
I was chatting about Atlantis and its phases and an idea came to mind when trying to explain the special phases
if we have heroes like for example Atlantis Family

they should be immune to these phases or at least significantly reduce the damage of oxygen by a matter of logic, so fish do not drown under water and if this hero lives under it …

Another example could be that in the special magic night phase heroes who are witch class get the benefit of not being affected or that their power lasts 2 turns

and in the phases of poison the heroes who produce this effect resist it or take half the damage

I know that at this point it is difficult to make these changes but I imagine that in season 3 surely something similar will exist in each phase of each province and this logic could be used

I mentioned something similar to that to my fiance when I was completing the hard stages lol

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