Atlantis - not reduced energy cost during Atlantis rising


Hi, i am having issue - i do not have reduced energy cost for any stage and level except the latest on (no autowin option)
1st printscreen is 9/9 - it is showing 8 energy although it should be 3 (at least it was 3) and second is 25/8 - you can see that there is no option autowin and energy cost is applied

9/9 - NORMAL

25/8 - NORMAL

Well, 9-9 ist 8 WE for hard mode, maybe you just not switched back to normal?

Has stage 25-8 been played and solved before? Auto Win is just available if the stage has already been cleared.


i will try. but should not be hard mode disabled till i finish season II in normal mode ? because it allows me to enter the fight

You clicked hard mode. It happened to me.

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yeah. you are right. it was hard mode. my bad. although i though you can play hard mode only after you finish normal…

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You can play hard mode after you beat that specific level on normal mode.

You do not need to beat all normal modes to start on hard mode.

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