Atlantis : Normal & Hard

I think everyone join in Atlantis. In normal mode, everyone can fight to get 3 coins. When I play in hard mode to get more coins, I can not win enemies. Anyone suggest what the team power should have ?

Made the same question a few days ago and been told that 3000TP should be enough for the first few maps, and then something around 3400TP.

My friend. Its not about the TP its all about using the correct heroes in each stage.
So its up to your roster of heroes.
Some stages are harder than others if its with a special effects.
I skip those some times to be able to finish them later with correct heroes bensh that I don’t “yet” have.
Some stages requires 2 healers some requires stacked color and all requires the just correct battle tools to hell you there.
But if it up to me … I finished the first 30 hard mode with 2 healers and stacked 3 heroes color vs the most showed up color in each stage. And used dragon flags, huge hp pots, arrows and antidots. Works pretty fine to me.
All the stages I used Wu Kong in just to be clear and honest in the replay here.


Depends on the heroes. I was way more than ready for S2 when it came out, and my rainbow defense team has been able to play all the hard levels easily. (Tho I did lose one or two trying to autofarm them!)

That said, color stacking and choosing appropriate heroes does make it easier.


I’d advise against playing map levels with battle items. (Aside from minor healing if you are a beginning player and don’t have healers!)

If you cannot finish a level, go back and farm something easy while you grow your team. (If you are smart, you will be doing a lot of farming the three flag zone long after you’ve completed the S1 map)

Use your battle items for titans and/or rare quests, and challenge events.


Great advice for some other player who not me.
My titans will be always 1/2/3 stars only, I am a solo player.
I finish events with out those kind of battle items … I use other tools.
But still a very valuble advices from you Barry to count on.

Simply if you have such TP, the basic part of Season 2 is boring and you can play nearly everything on autoplay (maybe except 9-5). So, that’s why they created a hard mode. Then it’s really chalenging in some cases. Unless you really enjoy extreme challenges I’d stick with a normal mode for now.

I’m not trying to talk you out of that.

But I am going to tell you that there is a natural consequence of it.

In a full alliance of players similar to yourself, you would probably be killing 8* or 9* titans, at least 6* or 7*

And you would be getting far more non-farmable ascension items in titan loot that way. Tier IX (9* C grade, 8* B grade, 7* A grade, or 6* A+ grade) is a significant breakpoint as thebloot goes from two ascension mat rolls to three … and the odds of a non-farmable mat appear to gradually increase for every tier you go up)

Guys the OP is about finishing H.M to get extra coins for Atlantis portal.
He/She need the coins for the pulls.
Give him some thing to use and to give him a hope that he/she can get em.
PS: I still don’t have any team 3500 TP yet and on go to finish H.M S2!


Not at all … I quite being in multiplayer Alliances long ago and we were killing 9 stars titans. In 14 months of playing that way, I got non of AMs from titan loots and been always on top A rank.
The only few times I got looted good were on rare titans and I was on C ranking and got the best loot tho.
I am not on rush of AMs … thats why I am solo.

Back to Original Post (OP)
As BarryWuzHere if you are in non solo alliance save your battle tools for titans and events.
But if you think that Atlantis coins are your best shot to get a better heroes, conceder the hard mode stages a rare event and do what you need to do.

Yes, I agree.

However, unlike rare quests, there is no time limit for finishing them. If you don’t have the Atlantis coins for a pull this month, you can get them next month. Probably more easily. This is a game of patience and pacing.

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You should be able to beat the hard levels w/ maxed 4* heroes (or 5*s at 3-70) assuming you’ve got the right ones to color stack against the bosses. You should pack the expensive battle items but use them sparingly, preferably don’t use battle items at all until the boss level.

I would not try the hard levels at all if you’ve only got 4s at 3-60 (or 5s at 2-60). It’s too risky and you might lose them to a one-shot hit by a boss or even from 2 hits by monsters in the same turn.

Here’s an example of where I barely squeaked through a hard level w/ a TP of ~3400.

Here are a couple other runs also w/ TP ~3400 but were much easier. You will still need luck and decent boards to win the hard levels with this minimum hero level.

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Fair enough. Whenever you meet Stegosaurus (which takes 1400hp per each hit) ensure you take a hero which shares damage with the others (Kailani, Gunnar). Take a hero who can blind the target (like HuTao). Take 2 healers to deal with enormous damage, take someone with thorns to return enormous damage(Boril, Cyprian). Items: Green bottles against DoT, 2 types of red bottles, arrows. Before you enter next stage ensure you fully top mana for your army and heal wounded. Apply small green bottles whenever you need to cleanse anything casted on your heroes. Selectively choose your heroes, so you have strong colours against defenders. Fire burns Green, Ice extinguishes Fire, Green sucks Ice. Purple and Yellow are enemies and strong one against the other.


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