Atlantis map/coin issues with this atlantis rises

This atlantis rises I’ve encountered this problem.
I went to do some hard levels, and I failed to do it. However, it marked those 5 coins as received, and as expected, I didn’t get anything since I lost the battle (I checked with that recent activity view in the game as well).

Happened twice already, first time I wasn’t sure, but now I paid attention.

Game build: 1512

So I cannot utilise this atlantis rises to conquer hard levels, since I risk losing the coins if I fail at first attempt.

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Hello, I faced the same issue today.
Since there is an Atlantis related PoV quest, I went a bit further so that I thought I can do a fog hard stage in Atlantis. I got that special enemy, but in the end I just received only 3 coins, maybe only for the special enemy, not for completing the hard stage (5 coin) can enyone help in this now?

I don’t quite understand the issue.

If you complete a level for the first time in hard, you get 5 Atlantis coins. Obviously if you fail it, you get no coins.

You don’t lose coins if you havent yet earned them. :thinking:

Are you sure it was the hard level? The first time you complete the Normal level gives 3 coins.

Yeah, all is fine that I didn’t get coins when I failed the level.

However, in the map it says I have received those, says it’s 5/5 for hard, even though I haven’t won the battle. Coins are nowhere to be found (again, logical, I didn’t win)
I just repeated the level, and of course, got nothing, so that part is working - if I have 5/5 in the map, it won’t give me coins anymore.

However, I got 5/5 showing when I failed the level, not when I won it. That’s the problem.
When losing, you should stay at 0/5. Which was the behavior up until this last update.

So, I said that I risk losing coins since if I don’t get them in the first attempt, I won’t get them at all - map will mark them as got and I can’t get them anymore.
So far, 10 vanished that way (2 levels).


So you’re saying that your levels show 3/8 before attempting them, you try the level on hard and fail it, and now it shows 8/8 like it was completed? (Under each province mine show 8/8 because I have completed them on hard and easy)

You’re going to have to contact support on this. Nothing anyone on the forums can do, but making people aware of this possible issue is good.

I would recommend taking screenshots of your map and recent activity screen for the time period this occurred at.

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Strange. For what it’s worth, I tested it in my game. Played province 13 stage 4 on hard. Allowed heroes to be defeated. Still shows 0/5 coins for that stage. Note the time stamps on top left if each screen shot. Tried fleeing, same thing - shows 0/5 on hard.

iPhone on version 38.0.1 build 955 here.

So as stated above, you may be best off to go through in-game support.


No, I’ve made a screenshot, but unfortunately only after this incident and not prior to it.


That’s weird, it shows that you completed stage 2 hard, but not stage 1 hard. Seems like a bug to me.

Atlantis allows you to play hard stages out of order as long as you have done easy in order. Valhalla and Underwild force you to do it in order.

As an example, I’ve done final round of Atlantis on easy and hard but not a lot of the previous stages on hard.

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Ah, right. I forgot about that. I remember doing the last stage first on hard before completing the rest of the stages.

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