Atlantis loot bonus

Is it just me and my alliance or is there no increased loot on Atlantis this time?

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Sorry, what do you mean, no increased loot?

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+50% loot

And works perfectly fine for me


Unless I’m on hard mode I’m only averaging 1 backpack per level. Seems somewhat nerfed to me since I averaged 3-4 per run last month on the same level (S2 1-3N)

I believe it’s a little bit hit-or-miss. Sometimes I’ll get 0-1 backpacks, sometimes I end up with 3-7. I think it has to do with how the loot rolls are calculated. If you’re farming for backpacks, province 1 is best, and normal difficulty will return more resources per WE, which you already know.


This is how it usually worked, tried different places on both levels but I guess I’m just very unlucky with the rolls this time :roll_eyes:

I’m averaging 4 adventure kits and 3 practice swords on normal 1-2/3.
Jumped to the middling levels and was still getting a good amount of backpacks/swords/recruits. They are subject to RNG, so maybe you just hit a bad streak. I’ve not noticed any difference since last AR…except maybe I’m getting more special seahorses…but that’s also subject to RNG

Maybe they should have called this game Puzzles and RNG?


I seem to not get any Atlantis tokens at all for the last 2 days. I completed Atlantis on hard the last time the event was around and not I seem to not get any tokens. Loot seems lower than last time for me too but for the rest of my alliance it appears to be normal

I agree. I have spent over 200 flags in Atlantis since it started and have received only 13 coins.

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